Havstad Gallery

Windows filled with colourful glasses and cheramics from well known handicraft artists attract an increasing number of customers. Galleri Havstad has a broad variety of products: Paintings, sculptures, jewellery and decorative items create a very lively atmosphere.

A fabulous range of paintings and art crafts are exhibited at Galleri Havstad.

A fabulous range of paintings and art crafts are exhibited at Galleri Havstad.

– You previously had experience from handicraft production of pewter jewellery in the company Havstad Tinn. With this background, it was maybe a natural step to develope an art and handicraft gallery?

Torgeir Havstad driver Galleri Havstad

Torgeir Havstad, director of the gallery.

– Havstad Tinn has been a long lasting traditional experience for us, Sharon Austin and Torgeir Havstad say. –  The company was established in 1925 and still produces pewter handicraft specialities today. It is now situated in Fedje on the Western Coast of Norway, and delivers quality products to shops like Glassmagasinet, Norway Design and Tinnboden. To run a gallery like ours, we do indeed need a great variety of products, as we want to attract a broader audience. We have succeeded so far. Today we are the most visited arts and handicraft galleri of our kind in the whole County of Akershus. The fact that our gallery is so well recognized by a greater audience, is a very positive achievement for us.

– But this has not come by itself. We have worked many late hours, and spent much time on telephones, visits, deals and contracts. And many decisions have had to be made.

Innsiden av Galleri Havstad

Looking for a quality gift?

Havstad Gallery frequently arranges exhibitions. Summer time is high season, along with the Christmas period. Visitors and sales have increased steadily from the start in 1996 till this day.

– Gallery Havstad is situated in the Main Street in Drøbak, exactly where Carlsebakken leads down to the harbour. The Golden Ox over the entrance door indicates the earlier history of the building; it once gave room for a butcher store. The historic wooden house was built around 1750 and has been taken well care of by it’s owners for more than 250 years.

– We thought of using the Golden Ox in the gallery name, but found the family and trade name Havstad more suited. We also have a strong standing as a merchant of pewter products from Havstad Tinn. But the Golden Ox stays as a landmark over our door.

Galleri Havstad med inngang fra Storgata

Galleri Havstad is found in the main street in a beautiful old building, under “The Golden Ox”.

Address: Storgaten 15, 1440 Drobak

Tel + 47 64 93 46 55