Santa Claus lives in Drøbak

Santa Claus was born beneath a rock in Vindfangerbukta north of Drøbak several hundred years ago. That’s a well known fact in Drøbak, and the reason why Drøbak is the Christmas Town above all others.

Christmas House in Drøbak

The Christmas House is open all year round

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, attractions in Drøbak is The Christmas House (Julehuset) – located right next to the town square.
It has recieved great attention from media across the world. Tourists travels in busloads to see the santas, trolls, elves and gnomes who almost come to life in the fairy tale ambience inside Julehuset. To enter the old bath (as the building originally was) is almost like entering a different world.

Eva Johansen (left) created the World Famous Christmas House in Drøbak.

Eva Johansen (left) created the World Famous Christmas House in Drøbak.

Eva and Willy Johansen brought the idea of Julehuset to life, and have also established The Santa’s Post Office (Julenissens Postkontor) right next door. Here you can buy Christmas Cards from Drøbak with stamps from Santas Post Office.

At the tourist office in the main harbor, you will find Santa himself. He visits in November and stays through Desember to monitor all the mail that is sent to Santa Claus. The walls are full of christmas cards and letters from children across the whole world, and it is quite an experience to stop by the Tourish Office. Once in a while Santa stops by in other parts of the year as well, so if you are lucky you might get the chance to get a picture together with him.julehus-postkontor


Contact Julehuset

Tregaardens Julehus
Havnebakken 6, 1440 Drøbak, Norway
+47 64 93 41 78