There is a lot to experience in Drøbak. From galleries and museums to the aquarium, small wooden houses, beautiful gardens,  the Christmas house and the famous Oscarsborg Fortress. If that isn’t enough Drøbak can offer concerts, a 19 hole golf course, shopping, beaches and fresh shrimps straight from the fishing boats in the marina. Come to Drøbak and enjoy life even more!


Swimming all year in Drøbak

A brand new Swim & Health Centre opened recently in Drøbak. The name is «Bølgen» – which means ‘The Wave’ in English. It welcomes everybody to enjoy swimming all year, and why not have your breakfast or lunch here as well?

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Seaside resorts for hire

Enjoying vacation in a cottage at the seaside is not only for ‘the chosen few’. Check out the possibilities in the islands in the Oslo Fjord right outside Drøbak. You may get there by Ferry, and some places you may even have a small boat at your disposal.

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Drøbak Aquarium

Visit a world that both kids and grown-ups will love: See the fish, marine animals and plants that live in the Drøbak Strait. This popular Aquarium is the only of it’s kind in the Oslo Region. Entrance at the Tourist Information in the southern part of the harbor. Open all year – also winter time.

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Oscarsborg Fortress: Museum & Guided Tour

Oscarsborg is situated in the middle of the Drobak Straight. The stronghold played a key role during the german invasion of Norway in 1940. On April 9th guns and torpedoes hit the german battleship «Blücher», which later sank further into the fjord. The german battle plan was disturbed, and the government avoided being captured by german forces. Today, Oscarsborg is a very interesting large-scale museum open to the public.

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Havstad Gallery

Windows filled with colourful glasses and cheramics from well known handicraft artists attract an increasing number of customers. Galleri Havstad has a broad variety of products: Paintings, sculptures, jewellery and decorative items create a very lively atmosphere.

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The Statue of Colonel Birger Eriksen

The statue of Colonel Birger Eriksen is to be found at the entrance of The Seaside Park. The Colonels bust watches over the strait where the canon fire and torpedoes hit the cruiser Blücher. One of the Blücher anchors is displayed close to the statue.

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Newspaper Cartoonists’ House

This gallery is a tribute to the artistry of newspaper drawing and the universal freedom of expression. It is also a monument of Fredrik Stabel, the norwegian master of surrealistic satirical newspaper drawings – who lived in Drøbak 1970–2002.

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Galleri Finsrud på Torkil sett fra sjøen

Finsrud Gallery Torkilstranda

Galleri Finsrud at Torkilstranda displays the activities of multi-artist Reidar Finsrud. It also contains an artist’s shop for special materials and picture framing. At the same time a splendid studio and a hall for conferences and parties.

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Finsrud Gallery

Main office, exhibition and sale Open all weekdays : 12.00 – 17.00 Saturday: 12.00 – 16.00 Tel: 64 93 23 99 Fax: 64 93 29 90 Web:   The women-series: Sculptureds and paintings Perpetuum mobile The great Blücher-painting The Zodiac Plates The Phenisaurs Light paintings Guding and lectures by Reidar Finsrud: Get in touch for […]

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