Drobak has a large number of restaurants, pubs and dining places. We are proud to take you along to a tempting range of alternatives. Each place is linked up to additional info on the internet – click and see. In the end of this article, you will find a list of «dine & drink» in alphabetical order, including contact info and opening hours.


Sjøstjernen – ny restaurant rett i sjøkanten i Drøbak Gjestehavn.
«The Starfish» – at the waterfront next to the Southern Guest Harbour.

 Sjøstjernen (The Starfish) is situated in the Southern Guest Harbour. The restaurant offers good meals and refreshments behind large glass windows or outside, «with a hint of sea salt.» Creamy fish- or shellfish soup, prawns, mussels, oven baked redfish or fish & chips are among the specialities. If you prefer meats: Take a look at the menu. The ideal restaurant for visitors staying overnight in the guest harbour. Fully licensed. • Trip advisor July 2017: 3,5 (of 5).

La Paz har en hyggelig, liten hage for servering og spesialiserer seg mest på biff med mexicansk krydder og tilberedning.
La Paz has a cosy little garden. They specialize in beefsteaks «The Mexican Way».

Next stop is restaurant La Paz, situated where the picturesque Badehusgata (Bath House Street) divides from Storgata (Main Street). Originally a mexican restaurant, La Paz now also offers indian cuisine. The a la carte Menu also offers a large variety of beefsteaks. Dine in-house or takeaway. Fully licensed. • Trip advisor July 2017: 4 (of 5).


I hagen utenfor Reenskaug er det godt å sitte. Hotellets buffét har et meget godt rykte.
The garden of Reenskaug Hotel – a nice seating.

Garden-to-garden next to La Paz resides Reenskaug hotell. An old and traditional hotel which for decades has been a corner stone in the lower part of Main Street. The beautiful, white wooden building with it’s historical hand-made signs represents the best of architecture i Old Drøbak. The hotel is a Course & Conference centre for visitors all year round. The Garden offers a very nice summertime sitting for guests enjoying refreshments. Fully licensed bar.

Ekte indisk restaurant med rikholdig meny nederst i Storgata i Drøbak.
Indian restaurant with a rich menu in the lower part of Main Street Drøbak.

Bombay Masala is an Indian Restaurant & Bar on the oppsite side of Storgata (Main Street). Choose between 64 dishes with a large variety: Starters, main courses with chicken, fish and poultry. Plus a handful of vegetarian curry dishes. Or maybe you feel tempted by King Prawns cooked with fresh coriander? Cool and quiet premises with a fully licensed bar. Fairy good choice of wine and beer – plus non-alcoholic beweridges. • Trip Advisor July 2017: 4 (of 5).

Mohammad Yousaf har grunn til å ønske sine gjester smilende velkommen. Menyen er meget variert!
Mohammad Yousaf wishes guests welcome to a manu with great variety.

Walk 20 steps further and you arrive at PAPAYA, another addition to international dining in Drøbak. A Modern Asian Food Menu contains 73 different dishes and 21 types of pizza! Choose between starters, indian grill, indian pots with nan-bred, thai salats, soups, thai curry, noodles, wok, fried rice, sushi / sashimi / futo maki and maki roll. Choose your seating inside or outside, or order a takeaway. Fully licensed and a fairly good wine list.

Chinese in Drøbak: High food score and reasonable prices.
Chinese in Drøbak: High food score and reasonable prices.

On the other side of Main Street, in Storgata 26, you will discover China Restaurant Drøbak. They specialize in a very reasonably priced «Dish of the Day». Or you may choose from their traditional chinese menu with a variety of spring rolls, scampi, beef chop suey, deep-fried duck, chicken and pork in sweet & sour gravy, king prawns, fried noodles with crispy vegetables and so on. The interior is kept in an ancient chinese style, highlighting an aquarium with exotic fishes. Take-Away and fully licensed – but do enjoy real chinese tea with your meal! • Trip Advisor July 2017: 4 (of 5).

Ny Thairestaurant gjør Drøbak enda mer eksotisk.
Thai & Thai Restaurant makes Drobak more exotic.

Thai & Thai  Sushi & Thai Food. The asian impact continues a few yards up the Main Street. Thai & Thai specialises in sushi og thai dishes. Starters like spring rolls, miso-soup and king prawns open up for a diversified sushi- og sashimi-menu. You may go on to the special Maki & Roll seafood menu. In addition follow at least 10 different traditional thai-dishes. A taste of the big world already before you have arrived at the Town Square! Thai & Thai is fully licensed and has a tempting Take-Away. • Trip advisor July 2017: 4 (of 5).

Det frister med noe godt på Pavelstorget!
The Pavel’s Square offers a sheltered atmosphere – you may also enjoy coffee and meals inside.

Pavels Konditori is found across the Main Street. As a traditional Patisserie & Bakery, they offer small warm dishes, open sandwiches, baguettes, cakes, warm chocolate and coffee – or a cup of tea. Pavelstorget (Pavel’s Square) is a sheltered and pleasant square with a certain intimacy with a circle of free tables. • Trip advisor July 2017: 3,5 (of 5). An ice-bar is situated in the same square, where also Grønthuset (House of Greens) has a sale of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Det Gamle Bageri har uteservering i nedkant av torget og et lunt og rustikt interiør.
The Old Bakery offers a unique interior – and an attractive outdoor seating on a sunny day.

Det Gamle Bageri (The Old Bakery) is situated at the lower side of the Town Square. The very rustic and genuinely old interiour makes a perfect frame for enjoying wines of better qualities – yet at reasonable prices. Of course, you are also welcome to taste a single glass of the house wine. The menu contains smaller dishes and cheese. One of Norway’s most crisp and elegant pilsner beers is served from tap. The fireplace is lit on a cold day or evening. On the outside, you may find a free table near the lawn summertime. Piano and guitars are at your disposal for entertaining or for a jam-session. • Trip advisor July 2017: 3,5 (of 5).

På oversiden av torget ligger Bakrommet Pub, Guri Malla og Peppes Pizza.
Peppes Pizza at the upper side of the Town Square. Another attractive corner for a beer and a bite. ‘Guri Malla’ and ‘Bytinget’ are found in the green building to the left.

Peppes Pizza is found on the upper side of the Town Square. The building contains a large restaurant, where you also find more than just pizzas on the menu. Peppes Pizza is a well-known norwegian «brand», dating back to the early 60ies (when pizza first was introduced in Norway!). Guests enjoy pizzas with a beer or a glass of wine with a marvelous view over the busy Town Square on a sunny day. • Trip advisor July 2017: 3,5 (of 5).

Quality icecream (home produce), British Breakfast or lunch? Visit Guri Malla!

Guri Malla Ice & Coffeebar is another «institution» at the Town Square which recently has established a new profile. They feature the town’s best Ice-Bar along with a lunch menu: «Karbonade» (classic norwegian beef burger, onions & bread), sandwiches, toast and omelets with salad and bread. «Soup of the day, home style» is another speciality. Dessert menu with fresh waffles and pancakes, apple pie and banana split. Teas and coffees, cocos- and chocolate rolls. Fresh pressed orange juice, smoothies and milk shake. British Breakfast from 09.00 in the morning. Beer and wine.

Innehaver Rune Maurtvedt driver ekte brun pub og kan i tillegg til fatøl by på spesialiteter som 'Havne-lager' brygget til HavneBlues'en i Drøbak.
The host himself: Rune Maurtvedt invites to a «brown pub» with special beers & ales, like this ‘Harbour Lager’ brewed especially for the Blues Festival.

Next to Guri Malla, we drop into the back yard: Bytinget is a «brown» pub with a laid-back atmosphere. Soccer matches, harness racing and sports are displayed on a large screen. Joy and sorrow changes rapidly here, as the «football is still round». V-75 betting coupongs may be filled out and delivered here. Troubadours perform between the old walls of binding works in the back yard every now and then. Nice atmosphere prevails here, as a soothing contrast to the busy Town Square.

Kokken Surasit Janjampa og innehaver Altima Nonchanthuk ønsker velkommen til Bangkok & Tokyo på Drøbak Torg.
The chef Surasit Janjampa and owner Altima Nonchanthuk wish you welcome to Bangkok & Tokyo in Drøbak Town Square.

Bangkok & Tokyo: Thai, take away and catering in a cosy, little café at the Town Square. Tasty asiatic dishes traditionally prepared in their own kitchen. Reasonable prices, families welcome!  «We were 4 adults and 4 kids eating in Bangkok & Tokyo today. Very good food, well liked by all of us. In edition to the nice meal, the atmosphere and service was excellent. Recommended!» (Guest response in Facebook, 28th of January 2018).

Gründeren Mette har utviklet et kvalitetsbakeri og serveringssted sammen med medarbeidere fra både Frankrike og Italia. De står for en helt spesiell kvalitet.
Real Italian pizza + french & scandinavian pastry ever day! Founder Mette Ulrichsen with her french–italian crew.

Håndverksbakeriet (The Handcraft Bakery) is yet another new success in Drøbak, nearby the Town Square. All products are hand baked in-house, by a crew of french bakers. Fresh bread, foccaccia, baguettes, mini-pizzas, cakes and wheat rolls fill the rustic room with a tempting scent. Find a table, have something nice to eat – or grab and go. Teas, coffees and soft drinks are served. The Bakery’s italian pizza-chef is an expert. Specially imported italian cheese and original recipies guarantee a taste all of it’s own. • Trip advisor July 2017: 4,5 (of 5). Klick HERE for their latest news.

Sabah Kuki ønsker velkommen til hjemmelaget ærlig mat.
Sabah Kuki wishes welcome to homemade honest food.

Lunch or meeting? Sandwich? Pai or salat? Tapas? By the driveway to Drøbak Town Square is a very charming diner called Ett Rom & Kjøkken (One room & Kitchen). They offer ecologic food inspired of norwegian an turkish culture. Sabah creates a selection of lunch dishes bade from self-grown vegetables, plus cakes, pastry, smoothies, tea & coffee. A number of garden tables provide a perfect seating on a warm day.

Galleri Kafé Teskje frister med Tapas og en plass i solveggen.
Galleri Kafé Teskje combines dine & drink with articraft. Indoor and outdoor seating, depending on weather and season.

Galleri Cafe Teskje (Gallery Café Teaspoon) is found in Niels Carlsensgate 7. A very popular place in the heart of Old Drøbak. The spanish host Benjamin greets his guests with a very nice menu of tapas and desserts, served with coffees and teas – or a glass of wine. The café is fully licensed. Lots of people meet here when shopping in Drøbak, and the rooms in the traditional wooden building are also displaying art and handicraft for sale. • Trip advisor July 2017: 4,5 (of 5).

Kumlegården er en av de mest tradisjonsrike restaurantene i Drøbak. Menyen har mye mer enn kumler å by på!
Kumlegården represents quality tradition in Drøbak. The menu offers far more than just dumplings.

Kumlegaarden (The Dumpling Inn) is found a few footsteps further into Niels Carlsens gate. An intimate and cosy restaurant featuring old timberlog walls in the dining room. The name derives from one of the house specialities: Dumplings served every thursday with cured meats and a mash of roots. Kumlegaarden is a leading light among the restaurants in Drøbak with a diversified a la carte menu – and of course fully licensed. The «Lutefisk» season starts here every late october, one of the strongest norwegian traditions! Lutefisk is on the menu until end of January. If you want to try this world-famous Norwegian speciality, you better order it a day or two up front along with your table reservation. • Trip advisor July 2017: 4,5 (of 5).

Skipperstuen har en unik beliggenhet i småbåthavna og er kjent for sitt gode kjøkken.
Skipperstuen: High culinary score and a fantastic sea view in the middle of the Boat Harbour..

Skipperstuen (The Skipper’s Lodge) is situated next to the waterfront in the Boat Harbour. In this uniqe environment, they specialize in lobster, kreyfish, prawns, mussles and other seafood creations. Their description of the menu, which also contains meat dishes and salads: «Our kitchen is built around a classic tradition, introducing new and exciting tastes. We emphasise seasonal raw materials and change our menu accordingly around the year. » • The restaurant has a score of 4,5 (5 max) in Restaurant Reviews / Trip Advisor. Fully licensed.

Pizza Baron er populær med sitt folkelige serveringstilbud og karaoke på Seiersten.
Popular: Pizza, beer and karaoke at Seiersten, where the ‘Oslo Road’ enters Drøbak.

Pizza Baron is situated at Seiersten in the north along the entance road to Drøbak, near to the summer parking lot. Their motto: «Splendid tastes for Barons and Baronesses». Their menu contains american and italian pizzas, pasta, salads, indian dishes, burgers and traditional norwegian dinners like pork chops and fried coalfish & onions. Take Away, fully licensed.


Moderns Kafé finner du like ved inngangen til Meny på Amfi Drøbak City.
«Mother’s Café» is situated at the entrance to MENY at Amfi Drøbak City.

Moderns Café at Drøbak City is a café and bakery combining ecological and environmental attitude with ‘everydays’ luxury’. «We have a variety of bread and pastry, cakes, sspecial chocolates, coffee and small dishes / warm dishes. The details make our goods special, something you would like to come back to. The best raw materials, the best service and the best concepts – we want you to have a cosy time with us and wish to come back!» Want to know more? Click HERE!

Også på Golfbanen er det god servering å få.
Drøbak Golf Cource also hosts a popular Café.

Golfkaféen (The Golfing Café) is situated near to Drøbak City – the shopping mall. From the roundabout: Take the road through the Golf Court. The Golfing Café is found in the Main Building at Berle Farm from 1810, which today also serves as a Club House. Summertime outdoor serving in a very nice garden, rooms for rent for meetings & gatherings. Everybody – also non-golfers – are welcome. Fully licensed. Golfkaféen is open for private parties and catering all year round. For ordering, call 928 99 455.

Drink & dine in the middle of the Drobak Straight!

A variety of dining facilities at The Oscarsborg Fortress.
Two very different dining facilities wait for visitors at The Oscarsborg Fortress.

If you take the ferryboat from Drøbak to Oscarsborg, you will find restaurants with a most special architecture and environment in The Oscarsborg Fortress: ‘Forpleiningen’ offers a magnificent view of the western passage behind the fortress and ‘Håøya’, the biggest island in the Oslo Fjord. ‘Offisersmessa’ is a classic a la carte restaurant in the historic brick-walled officers’ quarters. The restaurants are part of Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort.

Pre-ordering of tables is advised. Klick HERE for more info + ordering.

• Trip Advisor July 2017: 4 (of 5) “Fantastic view, good food and outstanding service! How to get there? Klick HERE!

Et spesielt serveringssted på historisk grunn – like i vannkanten.
The Harbour Inn is situated in the historic surroundings at Oscarsborvg Fortress.

Havnekroa Oscarsborg (The Oscarsborg Harbour Inn) is situated on the northern island at Oscarsborg, just a short walk over the small bridge. Idyllic serving at the dock in the Guest Boating Harbour. Casual atmosphere, the menu offers pizzas, homemade burgers, plus serious dishes of fish and meat from the grill. Room for 45 guests inside, 120 outside. Fully licensed. • Trip Advisor July 2017: 3,5 (of 5).

How to get there if you don’t arrive in your own boat? Klick HERE!

Kiosks and bars

Quick street-food is available at Balkan Pizza & Kebab House.
Quick street-food is available at Balkan Pizza & Kebab House.

In the very southern part of Main Street, Balkan Pizza & Kebab specializes in kebab, pizza, hot-dogs and burgers. Fastfood at a reasonable price. A few free outdoor seats with a sea view, possibilities of free parking nearby.

Havnekiosken på Molo B er populær for alle de som stopper for en varm pølse med drikke eller en kopp kaffe i friluft.
The Harbour Kiosk at Molo B is a popular quick-stop for a hotdog or an ice-cream along with a cup of coffee.

The Molo B Harbour Kiosk is found on the right hand once you enter the harbour. A very nice place just to sit down and relax with waffels, hot dogs, a soda or a cup of coffee. The kiosk is situated in the middle of the harbour activities with the lifting crane, and people refurbishing their boats. Motorcyclists and classic cars often make a stop here.

Sindre Andersen og Henrik Kronberg ønsker velkommen til Kiosken i Badeparken.
Youngsters from Drøbak-Frogn Brass Band wish you welcome to the kiosk in The Bathing Park.

Kiosken i Badeparken (The Beach Kiosk) is only open in the summer season. A selection of baguettes, waffels, pizza-slices, hot dogs, chips, ice cream, coffee, soft drinks, bisquits and chocolate is offered to the swimming public at the beach. The kiosk is run by the Drøbak-Frogn School Brassband, their members behind the counter.  In the same building there are toilets and information about water temperatures. A true «Bathing Kiosk». Open between 12.00 – 04.00 pm, but opening hours are extended if weather is very good.

Kjeller’n Bar is known for it’s cabarets and shows.
Kjeller’n Bar is known for it’s cabarets and shows.

Side-by-side of La Paz you will find Kjeller’n Bar (Cellar’s Bar). Every now and then they feature live music and late night shows. This bar is famous for it’s intimate and humoristic stage shows, often presented by local capacities. Fully licensed – by all means a well known «water hole» in the south of town.

En Narvesen-kiosk finnes i alle byer, så også i Drøbak.
The Narvesen-kiosks are found all over Norway, also in Drøbak.

Narvesen – the Newspaper Kiosk at the Town Square

The name ‘Narvesen’ is recognized all over Norway. This is the place for newspapers, magazines and periodicals along with hotdogs, soft drinks and soft-ice. Betting coupons may be filled out and registered here. More presentation and opening hours HERE!

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