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Our ❤ local shopping center
What is happening this autumn in Drøbak?

Now it's the autumn holidays and it's time to find something nice to do with the family...

Our tip is to take children/grandchildren on an aquarium visit to Drøbak Akvarium, they are open from 10:00 to 16:00

Our other tip is to take them to Bølgen water park

Mother and father can also enjoy shopping or restaurant visits in our cozy town, which also has shops open on Sundays.

Bustling life

Diverse Drøbak, with all its attractions reopens,
shops, restaurants, experiences and bustling market life.
Make the trip to Drøbak by bus, car or boat.


We recommend in Drøbak

Trend days at Drøbak City

Throughout the week of 19-24 September, we are focusing on the autumn trends at all our stores on...

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Photo tour

If you are looking for a nice picture of Drøbak, a stroll up the stairs...

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Visit Bråtan

Bråten is a cozy cluster of houses a little south in the center of Drøbak, which is worth a ...

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Stroll around the center

Drøbak center is also well suited for quiet walks. A bit like that around strolling.

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The short trip

The short trips in Drøbak are perhaps the most pleasant. Nice small paths, past oases and alleys ...

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Drøbak's backyards, gardens and water holes

In Drøbak you can get away and relax under flowering apple trees or warm ...

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RSS Latest news from Frogn municipality
  • Resident consultation: Border adjustment between Frogn and Nesodden 6. October 2022
    In October, the state administrator in Oslo and Viken will carry out a citizen survey about a possible border adjustment between Frogn and Nesodden municipalities. - The area is important to be able to maintain Dal school and have a vibrant local environment in Nordre Frogn, says mayor Hans Kristian Raanaas.
  • A difficult mission 28. September 2022
    Now are tough economic times, also for the municipalities that face difficult years ahead as a result of the challenging situation in the world economy. - It is a difficult task, but we will get through this, says Frogn's newly appointed municipal director Georg N. Smedhus, who together with the municipal directors in Nesodden, Vestby and Ås invited to a joint press fashion [...]
  • KulturGlimt 2022 22. September 2022
    Finally! - now it is again ready for a new series with KulturGlimt 16 September to 25 September 2022

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