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Diverse Drøbak, with all its attractions reopens,
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Make the trip to Drøbak by bus, car or boat.

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At Sjøstjernen on Sunday 1 November

Guest: Lars Klevstrand
«Shows as Poetry - Sounding Literature»

Torkil Baden
"Hamburg and Lehmann - competition for 150 years" '

Jan-Kåre Øien
«We chose Drøbak for the summer
Artists in Drøbak 1875 - 1935 ″

Steinar Ofsdal
"Where is folk music?"


We recommend in Drøbak

Drøbak and Oscarsborg Fortress

Drøbak, with its old wooden houses by the fjord, is known for its low pulse and large heart ...

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Badeparken - Parrstranda

Exploration and activities in Drøbak and Frogn

Here are some tips for you who are looking for activities / things to do in Drøbak ...

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The Sunday town is Drøbak

Drøbak is the Sunday town with shops open on Sundays with an exciting selection of goods, galleries, restaurants and activities for the whole ...

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The artist town Drøbak

During the last 200 years, many famous artists have moved ...

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Drøbak, an exciting shopping town!

Shopping in Drøbak

Drøbak is an exciting shopping town open on Sundays!

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Drøbak Boat Harbor

Boaters: Guest harbors in Drøbak

Drøbak welcomes all boaters on their own keel. A guest harbor in Drøbak Syd and Småbåthavna ...

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  • Action Program 2021-24 27. October 2020
    What are we going to spend money on - and where do we have to save? The action program tells a lot about the economic future of Frogn over the next four years. Councilor Harald K. Hermansen presents his proposal on 29 October 2020.
  • Coronavirus: updated information 27. October 2020
    Here you get the latest news about coronavirus in Frogn municipality.
  • Ready for the TV campaign 2020 21. October 2020
    The TV campaign NRK 2020 goes to WWF's work to fight plastic in the sea. This year, the TV campaign kicks off on 18 October. Join!

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