Drøbak Aquarium

Visit a world that both kids and grown-ups will love: See the fish, marine animals and plants that live in the Drøbak Strait. This popular Aquarium is the only of it’s kind in the Oslo Region. Entrance at the Tourist Information in the southern part of the harbor. Open all year – also winter time.


Velkommen til opplevelser i Akvariet i Drøbak!

Welcome to a maritime experience at Drøbak Aquarium!

The marine wildlife in the Oslo Fjord is exhibited in Drøbak Aquarium. Each single fish, lobster or crab has been brought to the aquarium by eager fishermen from the local community. The aquarium was established in 1995 by The Drøbak Boating Club, as a voluntary project.

akvariet–skate-blåstålThe basins have name information about all the species to be seen. In this aquarium you will see everything from lobsters to big codfish, from sea porcupines to skates, sharks and huge flounders. Snails, mussels, sea flowers, sea cucumbers and hermit craps plus all the “microlife” under the docks is displayed in big and small basins.

A constant stream of fresh sea water is pumped to the aquarium from the depth of the fjord. This creates an in-house copy of the fjord environment. The sea water in the Drøbak Strait is very nutritious and brings natural feeding to all the small animals and plants in custody. The bigger fish is being fed by the qualified personnel of the institution.

During the year, some 35.000 visitors come to see this aquarium. A number that makes it the most visited attraction of its kind in the whole region.

Opening hours: 10.00 am – 04.00 pm every day all year round.

Entrance: Adults NOK 60,– / Youngsters & children 4–14 NOK 40,–

For guidinghugo@drobakakvarium.no • More info: http://drobakakvarium.no

Have a new view on fish in Drobak!

Have a new view on fish in Drobak! Photo taken in Drøbak Aquarium by Finn Robert Jensen.


Entrance at the Tourist Information in the Harbor.

Entrance at the Tourist Information in the Harbor.