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In Drøbak we have a wide range of activities and chores.
We are perhaps best known as the seaside resort of Drøbak, you will find miles of beaches. In Drøbak, as is well known, the sun always shines, so then it is a good opportunity for both residents and visitors to enjoy the summer days on one of the beaches in Drøbak.
If you prefer to swim in the pool, we can recommend new ones Wave bath & activity center. Other things you can do is golf, visit our museum or one of our many galleries.

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Bølgen Bad: The fashion place for health and happiness

When Bølgen bath & activity center opened in June, over 1000 people had ...

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The Christmas house in Drøbak

Julehuset - Santa Claus is from Drøbak

Julehuset in Drøbak - Santa Claus was born under a rock in Vindfangerbukta ...

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Drøbak Rib Safari - a trip you will never forget

Drøbaksundet with its beautiful nature, and many fjord arms, sound and reefs can ...

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Follo Museum

Follo museum consists of the open-air museum at Seiersten by Drøbak, Roald Amundsen's home ...

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The newspaper cartoonists' house - the sanctuary in the free town

The newspaper cartoonists' house is more than a showroom or a gallery. It is...

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Bringebærlandet (Raspberry country) in Drøbak

Bringebærlandet is located just outside Drøbak, just over half an hour's drive south of Oslo ....

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Drøbak Aquarium

Drøbak Aquarium

Drøbak Aquarium is the only one of its kind in the Eastern Norway area. An environmental experience ...

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Drøbak Golf

Golf in Drøbak

Drøbak Golf Club has one of Norway's most popular and popular golf courses. IN...

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Gallery Finsrud - Torkilstranda

Gallery Finsrud dept. Torkilstranda

Gallery Finsrud on Torkilstranda is the multi-artist Reidar Finsrud's business of artist material and ...

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Gallery Finsrud avd. Bilitt

Gallery Finsrud

Gallery Finsrud avd. Bilitt is the main gallery of multi-artist Reidar Finsrud and houses ...

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Badeparken - Parrstranda

Drøbak's many beaches

Drøbak has a tradition of being a place people come to ...

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Gallery Havstad

Gallery Havstad

In 1996, Sharon Austin and Torgeir Havstad opened their gallery in Storgata ...

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Oscarsborg Fortress: Museum & guided tour

Oscarsborg Fortress has since 1848 been an effective defense in the Oslo Fjord ...

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Oslofjordens Kunstsenter

Oslofjorden Kunstsenter

Want to shop art? Welcome to Drøbak!

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The biologist

Nature & environment around Drøbak

Both the fjord and the natural and cultural landscape around Drøbak are an eldorado for ...

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Tomtermais - Farm shop

Gårdsbutikken (The farm shop) Tomtermais - fresh vegetables all year round

Tomtermais / Haneborg Gård received Innovation Norway's Business Development Award last year. It tells it ...

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Drøbak boat association's maritime collections

Drøbak Båtforening's maritime collections Drøbak Båtforening's maritime collections have been ...

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Creative Gallery and Frame Workshop

Combined the gallery and the frame workshop in Niels Carlsens gate in Drøbak.

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Jordbærbua (Strawberry hut) | Saxebølbær

At Saxebølbær in Jordbærbua you will also find vegetables, honey, eggs and ...

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All about wine - everyone deserves wavering

We offer wine courses, wine gifts and lectures. We arrange trips, tastings and events ...

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Other activities

Family Sports Club (Stamina), Holterveien 4G, Tel .: 64 98 96 96
Evo Fitness, Holterveien 2 A
Friskis & Svettis, Belsjøveien 1, Tel .: 41 45 45 68

Friskis & Svettis, Ekeveien 30, Tel .: 41 45 45 68 Training Outdoors, Varied address Gallery Vera, Elleveien 13, Tel .: 64932438

Contact Visit Drøbak, if your activity is missing, or if more information is required.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Drøbak, precisely because Santa Claus comes from Drøbak. So a visit to ours Christmas house is something we definitely recommend.
If you love playing golf, you can do so on one of Norway's most popular and popular golf courses, namely Drøbak Golf Club. Drøbak is also known as one artist town, there are a large amount of galleries and museums you can visit and get your quota of culture.
If you love cycling, there are also several attractive cycling routes for this.