AMFI Drøbak City - Shopping center

AMFI Drøbak City - shopping center

At Dyrløkke, close to the new multi-purpose building SMIA, is the shopping center Amfi Drøbak City.

Here you will find the supermarket MENU with fresh produce department, and a large number of well-known shops
- a great mix of both local businesses and those associated with chains.

The center is open 10.00 - 20.00 / 18.00 (Menu 7-21 and 9-20 Saturdays).
At Drøbak City and the neighboring building Portalen you will find these shops:

  • Albin Hairdresser
  • Pharmacy 1
  • Ark bookstore
  • B. Young
  • Bagorama - Duz
  • Bambolino children's clothing
  • Baker Nordby
  • Bogerud
  • Christiania Lighting
  • Drøbak City Dry Cleaning
  • Euro shoes
  • Fredrik & Louisa
  • Ilmo optics, watch & gold
  • Jernia City Colors
  • KappAhl
  • Kid interior
  • Kitchen
  • Kolbotn Clothing
  • Lindex
  • MENU
  • Master Green
  • Modern cafe
  • Narvesen
  • Nile
  • Normal
  • The PC specialist
  • Princess
  • Ramses Zoo
  • The sun house
  • The sport Drøbak
  • Sunkost
  • Sido Tailor
  • Telenor store
  • Uno-X
  • YES! We're playing
  • Zavanna
  • Voldene Bil (Portal)
  • Pharmacy 1 (Portals)
  • Coop Extra (Portals)

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Around AMFI Drøbak City you will find around 700 FREE parking spaces to choose from.

We have 10 HC seats.

We also have several charging stations for electric cars.


AMFI Drøbak City has introduced a number of measures to create a safe shopping experience for our customers.

We have implemented several hygiene rules and infection prevention measures at the center, and increased cleaning and washing routines in common areas.

About the center

At AMFI Drøbak City and Portalen you will find approx. 40 stores spread over approx. 20 square meters.

You can find an ATM at Apotek1. Withdrawals can also be made at Meny.

Toilets and changing rooms can be found on both the 1st and 2nd floor.

Find your way to us

AMFI Drøbak City is located in Frogn municipality at the entrance to Drøbak, approx. 4 km south of Oslo.

About 10 minutes from the E6 you will find Drøbak City.

Bus 541 also takes you.