Badeparken - Parrstranda

Badeparken and Parrstranda

The bathing park in the center of Drøbak is the municipality's two-thousand-year-old place, and is the most popular recreation area in the municipality. A year-round recreation place that is a favorite place for residents throughout the region in summer. Here the young people are close together on Parrsletta, when they are not playing beach volleyball. Families with children enjoy themselves on Parrstranda, while the young people throw themselves off the diving board and enjoy themselves on mountain shelves and sheltered sunbathing areas in Badeparken. In Badeparken there is a kiosk and gallery, bathhouse, toilets, showers and play equipment for children. There are outdoor grills and a bathing ramp for the disabled. You can dive into the sea from a floating jetty or maybe pull up a mackerel from a fishing spot. Parking at Bankløkka, where there are two free hours before you have to pay. Bus stop at the church.