The swimming park around

A short and cozy walk is a visit to the city's pride, Badeparken.

This is the municipality's Millennium Place, concert arena, bathing place for young and old and contains a number of sights.

You can choose to enter the park from the south in Båthavna or by the beautiful Drøbak church from 1776. Inside the park you can either stroll on an adapted path along the sea, or you can move a little up in the park over a slightly hilly terrain and through what the locals call Gamleparken.

The playground in the bathing park has received an upgrade in the last year.

A beautiful Minnelund has been built over the fallen from Frogn during World War II, and you can get to know the bust of Colonel Eriksen who sank the German warship Blücher on April 2, 9.

Colonel Eriksen who sank the German ship Blücher

Just below the bust is a large anchor from Blücher, which was retrieved from the depths where the warship sank during the dramatic, and not least important war-historical action in 1940.

If you take the entrance from the south from Båthavna, you will meet this beautiful sight with flowering morel trees.

Inside the park you will find a play area for children, you can go to an art exhibition in Galleri Varmbadet, lie down and soak up the sun on Parrstranda in the north or throw yourself into the sea from the diving board «Femmer'n».

In the summer, it is the bathers who fill up Badeparken.
At Vambadet there are often art exhibitions all year round.

The trip is almost a must for everyone who visits Drøbak.