Six kilometers of raspberry hedges We planted our first hedges in 2009 and now have about 25 acres, or 6 kilometers of raspberry hedges.

Bringebærlandet (Raspberry country) in Drøbak

Welcome to Raspberry Country
The berries you buy from us come straight from the ground. The farm sale opens at 10.00 and closes at 18.00.

Raspberry wine

Raspberry Country has taken up an old tradition of making fruit wine in Norway. But we are the first to make and sell pure raspberry wine.

Our wines are fresh and fresh, and have gained many followers. Bringebærlandets Dessertvin was named Fruit Wine of the Year in 2019, and also reached the final of the Norwegian meal the same year. All the wines can be bought from the farm sale and three of the wines are for sale through Vinmonopolet's order selection.

Wine tasting

Do you want a tour of the raspberry fields and a taste of them
our award-winning wines?

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