Bytinget Pub

Bytinget is the only pure brown pub in Drøbak, inspired by The exchange in Løgstør in Denmark. You will find us in a cozy backyard in the center of Drøbak square. There is a relaxed atmosphere, but also a bit of excitement when the big screen shows football matches or kickboxing. Trotting is also displayed, and you can fill out and deliver the V75 coupons on the spot. Pub host Rune Maurtvedt offers lunch, coffee, beer, wine and drinks. Suitable for groups. Dining outside and inside, feel free to book a table - or 'come as you are'.

Bytinget is a "brown pub" with a laid-back atmosphere. Soccer matches, harness racing and sports are displayed on a large screen. Joy and sorrow changes rapidly here, as the “football is still round”. V-75 betting coupons may be filled out and delivered here. Troubadours perform between the old walls of binding works in the back yard every now and then. Nice atmosphere prevails here, as a soothing contrast to the busy Town Square.

In the "backyard" outside Bytinget, a bit of everything happens.