Drøbak Frogn Sports Club

Sports enjoyment for everyone ❤

Drøbak-Frogn Idrettslag (DFI) is a multi-sports team consisting of 12 different special sports groups, as well as Seniortrim, Idrettens Grunnskole for barn (IGF) Idrettsmerkeprøvene and Aktiv på Dagtid.

Our sports team was founded in 1918. It is over 100 years ago, and in all these years we have been an important contributor to public health and cohesion for the municipality's inhabitants.

With close to 2300 members, DFI is a large sports team on a national scale. We are a broad-based sports team in a double sense: Few clubs in Norway embrace several special sports, and this has contributed to many children and young people, but also adults, over the years being able to find an activity that has suited them. This is also very important for the club - we will have space for and create sports enjoyment for everyone.

That is why our motto is “Sports fun for everyone”, and with that we want to facilitate healthy and positive sports activities for as many residents as possible in Frogn municipality and in the club's local environment.

Sportingly, the club has had athletes who have taken steps both nationally and internationally.

DFI is, and will continue to be, a social resource for the municipality that contributes to increased well-being and better health for the inhabitants.

It was once written about DFI that we were "a beacon in Norwegian sports". We can live with that characteristic and aim to live up to it.