Drøbak Rib Safari takes you around Håøya and shows you the most attractive ports in our beautiful skerries.

Drøbak Rib Safari

- A trip you will never forget

We start the trip in Drøbak Guest Harbor, Badehusgata 27.
Full speed to Torkildstranda, across the fjord past all the out harbors and Sætre on our journey around Håøya. Calm toughness and stories along the way.
We spend some time at Askholmene, and tell about 9 April. The last stop is Oscarsborg with new stories.
If larger boats cross our voyage, Skippern is still happy to play with the waves. All within good safety margins.

The skipper has 10 years of experience, all certificates and courses required, and the boat is properly equipped.

Everyone is given life jackets and is offered a full suit if desired.
The season lasts from May 1 to October 1. The trip takes about 1,5 hours, and costs NOK 950 for season 21.
For 2022, the price will be NOK 1050, -
Further info is available upon registration.

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