The bathing park - Parrstranda

Drøbak's many beaches

Drøbak has kilometers of public and beautiful beaches. We have visited most of them and here we have a description of the conditions. In Drøbak, as is well known, the sun always shines, so then it is a good opportunity for both residents and visitors to enjoy the summer days on one of the beaches in Drøbak.

Bathing places in Drøbak

Badeparken and Parrstranda Drøbak's most popular bathing beaches and recreation areas for both residents and tourists. Torkilstranda is more than a beach. There are also beautiful rocks, gallery experience and windsurfing. Ship hatch, the large family beach in Drøbak. With good parking facilities for the visitors. The commander's bathing place at Oscarsborg Oscarsborg Fortress can offer a lot, even small beaches for families with children. Elleskjær, can offer nice rocks and a small beach in idyllic surroundings. Sprostranda, in Strandveien is small and idyllic with a small green area. Nordstranda A little to itself, Nordstranda is located on the road between Ringeplan and Husvik.