Elon - Everything in consumer electronics

On ELON Drøbak we offer a good selection of consumer electronics of well-known brands in all price ranges, both in kitchens, brown and white goods.

Whether you need audio and video products like a new TV or maybe you want to invest in a proper subwoofer system then the movie experience will be even better in your own living room. Maybe you want a TV in several places in the house? ELON wants to be the close and local and they will go a little further to make everyday life easier for you as a customer. In a homely and modern store concept, we will offer a good selection of well-known brands in all price ranges, both in kitchen, brown and white goods.

Our store in Drøbak, which by the way is the chain's largest so far, is divided into several departments so that you get an experience of seeing e.g. how a complete kitchen can fit in with you. We also have all the appliances you need in a kitchen, laundry / bathroom. At ELON you will find all of the home electronics that are suitable for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Our computer department has everything you need for you who want to renew your home office or if you are a real gamer.
With us, the coffee is hot every single day, and occasionally we offer waffles and other things from our fully operational demo kitchen.

- We also offer home delivery and help with assembly for those who want it!


At Elon in Drøbak you always get good prices, as well as fantastic customer service.