Drøbak is beautifully located by the Oslo Fjord, surrounded by hills covered with forest and pristine nature. Take a stroll along the narrow pathways, visit one of the many beaches or play golf at the amazing 19 hole golf course. Drøbak has plenty of recreational areas to play, exercise or just relax.


Seaside resorts for hire

Enjoying vacation in a cottage at the seaside is not only for ‘the chosen few’. Check out the possibilities in the islands in the Oslo Fjord right outside Drøbak. You may get there by Ferry, and some places you may even have a small boat at your disposal.

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Velkommen til opplevelser i Akvariet i Drøbak!

Drøbak Aquarium

Visit a world that both kids and grown-ups will love: See the fish, marine animals and plants that live in the Drøbak Strait. This popular Aquarium is the only of it’s kind in the Oslo Region. Entrance at the Tourist Information in the southern part of the harbor. Open all year – also winter time.

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