Follo Museum

Follo museum is a regional museum for the Follo region, and is located by beautiful Seiersten in Drøbak. Take a walk around the open-air museum, greet the animals, book a tour, or visit the café.

The café at the museum is open on the weekends until 1 June, when the museum opens full time for the season. In summer, the museum is open Tuesday-Sunday until 15 September.

In 2022, the summer season will be packed with activities. There will be a walking theater at the museum, a museum mystery for the children and historical tableaux in the houses.
The walking theater will be available every weekend in July, and will take you on a journey in time. You meet characters from the Follo villages in the early 1900th century. Kake-Anna tries to sell her penny songs, teacher Skuterud teaches river rhymes, and the girl in Børsum shows you around the farm building while the people themselves are away in company. Join this historic journey, tickets can be purchased on the Follo museum's website during June / July.

The tour "Langs landeveien" (link: is offered on request for parts of the summer. The tour passes four of the museum's historic buildings: the Korsegården shuttle station, Gamle Holstad school, the farmhouse at Børsum and Drengestua. The tour shows the Follo villages in an early 1900th century with farm history, class differences and school history. The audience will get to see different historical interiors, the development of objects and how people in Follo have lived up throughout history.

This summer, the Follo museum also offers walks in Drøbak town.
Read more about this and book a tour on our website:

The Museum Mystery runs every day during opening hours.
The museum mystery is an experience where the whole family must be involved in solving puzzles.
On behalf of the museum, you will be given a sack that functions as a walking "escape room".
The backpack has code locks on, and contains letters and objects with hints and instructions.
You must use the contents and houses at the Follo museum to solve puzzles, puzzles and puzzles to unlock the code locks on the backpack and arrive at the solution.

At Seiersten is also the Follo museum's exhibition building with café, museum shop, administration and magazines. The exhibitions focus on the cultural history of the Follo region, and the museum has extensive artefacts and archives.
Sheep on pasture
Follo museum at Seiersten is an open-air museum with several older buildings from the follo region, including a farmyard with a farm building from Skoklefall on Nesodden, a farmhouse from Børsum in Ås and a brewery from Skjellerud in Frogn. Along the "country road" at the museum are also the old Holstad school (from 1869) and the shuttle station Korsegården from the 1700th century. The open-air museum is located in an attractive recreation area with the Seiersten fort (part of the defense facility Oscarsborg fortress), Ullerudtjernet and Drøbak Golf Club.