The gang at Fretex in Drøbak
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Fretex in Drøbak

"Best second hand shop in town!"

Used clothes and lots of interiors and decorations for the home. Unique clothes for the style-conscious, here you can make discoveries from the 50s and up to today's fashion. The store is run on a voluntary basis.

Environmentally conscious: All clothes given to Fretex are sold in the Fretex stores, exported and distributed via the Salvation Army's social low-threshold offer. Fretex works every day to contribute to a better environment and a more sustainable planet, among other things through the goal of being high up in the so-called waste pyramid. This means that as much as possible of what comes in via you as a consumer should be reused. What is not suitable for reuse, material is recycled, and used for, for example, redesign and sanding pads. The rest goes to energy recovery.

Everything that is delivered to Fretex therefore comes in handy in one way or another, and in this way we make sure that as little as possible is wasted. And we hope that YOU want to contribute to the recycling trend. By shopping second-hand at Fretex, you are doing the environment a service, while at the same time supporting Fretex's efforts for work inclusion and the Salvation Army's social work.

And not least: no one takes dividends from Fretex, so all income remains in the business. The profits from FRETEX in Drøbak go locally to the Salvation Army in Drøbak.

FRETEX gives people reason to believe in the future!