Welcome to Mrs. Magnolia and to the interior, textiles seams and curtains.
Up a flight of stairs and into a door in Niels Carlsens gate, where you will find a colorful interior design shop.
Behind the glass are many fine items that make every home even more beautiful.

Mrs. Magnolia in Drøbak

A little gem of a gift and interior design store

Mrs. Magnolia in Drøbak is a unique gift and interior design store,
which you should stop by on your next visit to the seaside resort.

Here you will also find the opportunity for interior sewing and a number of quality fabrics from, among others. Green Apple, James Malone, Osborne & Little, Niba Campbell, Alhambra, Mattew Williamson
and the Mulberry collection.

For the boat people, they have i.a. the ingenious magnetic glasses from Silwy
and the lovely and smart sitting / lying pillow from Freebag.

In the shop you will also find the Soft Spot Solar lanterns, Arne Jacobsen alarm clocks, Skogsberg & Smart Hurricane lanterns, organic bedding in beautiful crepes and bath towels from Juna, Lyngby Porcelain, Holmegård Glass, and not least the fantastic wellness series Dèesse, from Switzerland.

The small Drøbak store offers everything from pillows, knitwear and decorative items to skin care items and some used clothes.

In other words, this store is well worth a visit and look forward to finding a little interior treasure 😉

Mrs. Magnolia is a colorful and beautiful shop.
Mrs. Magnolia is a colorful and beautiful shop.