Gallery Havstad
A fantastic selection of paintings and handicrafts is on display at Galleri Havstad.

Gallery Havstad

With the windows full of beautiful glass and ceramics from 12 glassblowers and five ceramicists, people flock to the small gallery in Drøbak. Inside the shop, the audience is greeted by exciting sculptures and a large selection of Norwegian silver and bronze jewelery.

- With ballast from the craft company Havstad Tinn in the suitcase, maybe it was natural for you to establish a gallery like this?

- It is not a minus for us to have the traditional Havstad Tinn, established in 1925, with us on the load. Even though it takes more than these items to create a varied enough selection for a large and discerning audience, Torgeir says. Havstad Tinn has long been an important supplier to stores such as Glassmagasinet, Norway Design and Tinnboden. In 2003, the main part of the production was moved from Blylaget in Frogn to Førde in Western Norway.

That the gallery has been received so positively is very fun, Sharon and Torgeir admit, but add that it has not come by itself.

- There will be many late hours, many telephone calls, many visits, many appointments and many choices.

The gallery arranges regular exhibitions, preferably in the summer and around Christmas time. From the start in 1996 until today, both the visit and the turnover have had a rising curve.

- Gallery Havstad is located in Storgata in Drøbak, at the top of Carlsebakken and with a great view to Drøbaksundet. The bull over the front door says that there was once a butcher shop in the beautiful building which was built around 1750, and which has been well taken care of by its owners.

- We considered using the bull in the name of the gallery, but chose to keep the traditional family name, Torgeir says. - Not least because we also function as a workshop outlet for Havstad Tinn.

Therefore Gallery Havstad.

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