Drøbak Golf

Golf in Drøbak

It is crowded with people on Drøbak golf club's course.

It has become the entire region's golf course, and the quality of the course is good.

Today it appears as a popular and well-run arena for both first-time golfers and those with low disabilities. The course is beautifully located along the entrance to Drøbak, and here you will find both driving range, pro shop and great restaurant with a training-putting pool outside the windows. The 18-hole course has plenty of challenges, at the same time as it is unintentional and achievable for anyone with little experience. Drøbak golf club has become a social gathering place for many. Both permanent residents and visitors. Here you will find players of all ages. Here, groups of friends meet for a sporty challenge. Here there is fierce competition between peers at all levels. Those who may fall for the temptation to believe that golf is still a sport for those who are particularly interested, should take a trip to the golf course in Drøbak. Then they come up with better ideas. And for the record: If you take it as a real trip, and choose to take your own boat to Drøbak, just moor the boat in the new guest harbor and take a taxi up to the track a kilometer away. The golf club also has a restaurant that is especially suitable for parties and events. Christmas table in particular is a popular event in the stylish premises. Visit the website of Drøbak Golf Club »