Gustino hairdresser

Since 2010, Gustino has thrilled with experiences based on knowledge, competence and honesty.

Our goal is to offer a good experience with a high professional level. We are a professionally strong environment where creative ideas and creativity are valued. Our hairdressers and makeup artists have cutting-edge expertise in color and love challenges.

In addition to the daily work in the salon, we have customer evenings with makeup courses. We also have our own shows for the season's trends in hair and makeup.

We can offer:

  • Bridal hairstyle
  • Cut / styling
  • Color / design
  • Pierced ears
  • Waxing of face, upper lip, eyebrows
  • Coloring of lashes and eyebrows
  • makeup

Come on in, we're here for you ...

There is a lovely hair salon that meets us when we visit Gustino. Bright and stylish decor and a spacious room with specially designed lighting - here they have deliberately invested in creating the right framework around an up-and-coming professional environment.