What's going on in Drøbak this fall?

December activities

1 - 23 December

For over 30 years, all Christmas mail addressed to Santa Claus in Norway has arrived at the post office at Tregaarden's Christmas House in Drøbak.

10 and 11 December

Three nuts for Cinderella. Studio Dynamica dances "Three Nuts to Cinderella" in Smia Flerbrukhus!
Dance performance

14. December

Drøbak Musikkorps records Christmas with Mathis Manger Winther
Christmas concert

14. December

Literature evening: Christmas stories. "One should be four years old this Christmas!" Get in the right Christmas spirit with a literature evening
about Christmas stories at the Follo museum.
Literature evening

15. December

Gigs in intimate spaces around the world, we keep the location secret until the day before the show.

17. December

Red Hot Chili Papas are rocking Christmas!

20. December

Strull and boiling coffee. Come in and taste freshly roasted strull and real coffee. The kitchen in the old school from Holstad at Follo museum is open from 12 to 14.

27 Nov 31 Dec

When the Christmas street lights up, the Christmas version of the pole hunt comes on, namely the Santa hunt in the Christmas town of Drøbak
Christmas mood

Christmas Day - 1 Dec.

Christmas Day at Telegrafen, opens at 1:20. DJ Beco's is playing
Christmas Day

29. December

Merry Christmas & hot new year!
Skrattvatten with space Christmas show at Sjøstjernen, you won't want to miss this!
Space Christmas show

7. December

Literature evening: Kjell Aukrust. "Drag me backwards into the bird box!" Kjell Aukrust thought he was Solan until he was 50, and Ludvig after: "That's wrong!" Come and hear about the author and illustrator Kjell Aukrust.
Literature evening

10.-11. December

Christmas concert with Drøbak Gospel in Drøbak church
Christmas concert

11. December

Santa walk for young and old. In the forest at Røis there live goblins!. Dress well and bring a flashlight.
Santa walk

12. December

Tenor brothers Martin and Henrik Enger Holm want to ring Christmas
into Drøbak Church at 19

12. December

Jazz in Smia - 2 for 1 big band evening. Siggerud Storband and Drøbak Storband. Experience two big bands on the same night!

12. December

Come to the brewer's house at Follo museum and experience flatbread baking the old-fashioned way. There will be an opportunity for tastings.
Starting at. 11.00 a.m. to 14.30:XNUMX p.m. Free entrance

16. December

Christmas concert "Delicious is the sky blue" with Skala Ladies' Choir.
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Christmas concert

17. December

Find the silliest Christmas jumper and come to this year's Silly Christmas Jumper party at Bytinget.

SOLD OUT - December 17th

Neighbor Christmas with Margaret Berger and Lenny Kittilsen in Drøbak Church
Christmas concert

31. December

Welcome to New Year's celebrations at Telegrafen Start the new year in the company of near and dear ones while you enjoy a tasty 4-course New Year's menu.