Jordbærbua (Strawberry hut) | Saxebølbær

The place in Follo with the longest tradition! Etb.1975 🍓
In season, the cabin is open every day from 10 am to 19 pm

At Saxebølbær in Jordbærbua you will also find vegetables, honey, eggs and potatoes from local producers.

Like everything else, strawberry varieties are also evolving. With us you will find the traditional varieties, but also new and exciting varieties.
Strawberry hut is run as a team, here there are many who contribute so that the strawberries will get from soil to table in the shortest possible time.

Jordbærbua is located 10 minutes from Drøbak center in the direction of Ås and 10 minutes from Korsegården / exit from the E6 direction Drøbak.