Will it be as white a Christmas this year as this Christmas in 2014. Regardless, the Christmas atmosphere is palpable in Gamle Drøbak.

Christmas atmosphere in Drøbak

Experience Christmas in Drøbak. Experience the atmosphere with an illuminated center with Christmas streets and sales stalls in the square. Nice niche shops and tasty restaurants. Narrow streets and alleys and small-town idyll you have to travel far to find your match. Close to the seaside.

Half an hour's drive by car or 45 minutes by bus, which runs frequently from Oslo to Drøbak, you will find the Christmas town where Santa Claus himself was born, and where also the center of the place is no bigger than that you have a full overview at all times.

Treat yourself to a trip to Drøbak, because we treat you to it.

And we guarantee that it will be more than a shopping trip, it can quickly become a small happening.

Welcome to Drøbak 🎄🎅