There are probably few places in Follo that create more of a Christmas atmosphere, and where the setting is so well suited to bring Christmas close to you as at the Follo Museum.

Christmas atmosphere at Follo museum

There are probably few places in Follo that create more of a Christmas atmosphere, and where the setting is so well suited to bring Christmas close to you as at the Follo Museum.
So also this year.

Good presentation

And right in the middle of the Christmas season and Christmas coziness, department director at Follo museum Truls Erik Johnsen has his eyes fixed on a specific and important task,
namely dissemination of our local history.
- After all, that is our main task, says Truls Erik Johnsen.
- All the activities must be good and audience-oriented, while at the same time we must convey the message we are here for
- When we weave the stories together, whether it's about home baking, various crafts, Christmas traditions or exciting literature evenings, we create valuable and content-rich arenas for a multitude of people.

And this run-up to Christmas, there will be many reasons to pay Follo museum a visit. Both for young and old, he adds.

"Drag me backwards into the bird box!"

Kjell Aukrust said this when he thought he was Solan until he was 50 years old. And who does not want to hear Ludvig's statement: "It's wrong!"

In December, the public can attend a lecture by Aleksander Breiby Herseth about Aukrust's life and cultural elements from his writing.

For Drøbak, this is a bit special since Aukrust had its motor ship, a Saga 27 that went by the name "Panzerskipet", lying in Vindfangerbukta, and for several years was a member of the Drøbak boat association.

Guided tour

The tour "Along the country road" is offered on request throughout the winter.

The tour visits four of the museum's historic buildings: Skysstasjonen Korsegården, Gamle Holstad school, the main building at Børsum and the boys' dormitory from Skjellerud.

The tour shows
present the Follo villages in the early 1900th century with farm history, class differences and school history.

You will see various historical interiors, the development of objects and how people in Follo have lived through the ages.

The museum mystery runs every day during opening hours

The museum mystery is an experience where the whole family must help solve puzzles. On assignment from the museum, you will be given a bag that functions as a wandering "escape room".

The bag has several code locks, and contains letters and objects with hints and instructions. You must use the contents and the houses in the museum to solve riddles, rebuses and puzzles in order to unlock the code locks on the bag and arrive at the solution.

Strull and boiling coffee

Several times before Christmas, the public is invited in for freshly roasted strull and proper brewed coffee. It takes place in local historical surroundings in the kitchen of the old school from Holstad.

One of several old buildings worth visiting in the museum area.
Here, entry is free, but you may have to pay a little for what you will drink and eat.

And if you plan to come with a larger group, it's good to get in touch in advance. Preferably by sending the museum an e-mail in advance.

Flatbread baking with tastings

- Come to the brewery at Follo museum and experience flatbread baking the old-fashioned way, urges department director Truls.

- Aleksander fires up the oven, rolls out flatbread and there will be an opportunity for tastings.

Free entry, but if you want to come with a large group, the same applies here. Send an email in advance,
it is encouraged.

A trip by horse and cart is not an unusual activity at the Follo museum

An exciting experience for the little ones.