Salmon Fish and Game in Drøbak

Salmon Fish and Game

Salmon Fish and Game in Drøbak was established in 2018. Quality and service are the key words that make customers from all over Frogn and the surrounding area come back.
In recent years, the customer base has increased, and with it the number of employees. They get seafood daily from Domstein in Oslo. There is a lot of shrimp, crabs, crayfish, mussels and crabs. They also sell beautiful shellfish dishes. In addition, they buy smoked fish from Villfisken in Hallingdal.

It's easy to be tempted by the fix counter at Laksen, you will only find things that are healthy and good:

Not just fish and shellfish

Salmon Fish and Game also sells both cured meats and sausages. The sausages are bought from Brandbu sausage factory. Some of the success of Salmon Fish and Game is also homemade food. People want the classic so here you will also find homemade fish gratin, fish soup, salads and side dishes to name a few.

Good, old-fashioned service you get at Salmon Fish and Game in Drøbak!