Along the sea to the south

If you choose another variant of the trip along the sea, but with the same starting point, then Torkildstranda is a good destination.

Here, Galleri Finsrud is the main attraction for the trip, in addition to a refreshing bath on one of the city's many beautiful beaches if the weather allows.

A trip with Torkilstranda and Galleri Finsrud as destinations
The trip goes up Jørnsebakken, past restaurant Miramar and down along Strandveien. Small beautiful houses along the seafront, and with Sprostranda as the place the morning bathers gather.
Colonel Eriksen who sank the German ship Blücher
Sprostranda is small and idyllic and it is located in Strandveien.

Up steep Wilhelmsbakken before the trip continues along the sea past Løkkedal and down to Løkkedal beach. From there there is a small path along the sea and to Torkildstranda. Really so nice.

Take a refreshing bath on Løkkedal's beach.

A trip to Galleri Finsrud for a chat with the gallery owner himself is a story in itself.