Drøbak Square
The summer town of Drøbak, also called the seaside resort, the city of culture, the Christmas town, a flower in the Nordic countries and the city of roses to name a few. Photo: Frogn Municipality

A little about Drøbak

Drøbak is a real summer town in the summer, and a Christmas town in the winter. With the old wooden houses in Drøbak, Oscarsborg, and Santa's post office, the city attracts many visitors from far and near.

Where the Oslo Fjord is at its narrowest is the town of Drøbak. With its cozy cobbled streets with all the beautiful wooden houses is most reminiscent of a small coastal village or that you have suddenly ended up in the south. It The old wooden houses in Drøbak, Oscarsborg, and Santa's post office, attract many visitors from far and wide. Drøbak invites narrow alleys and roads to cozy walks in beautiful houses from the 1800s. Restaurants, shops and galleries are lined up. The summer in Drøbak is fantastic, enjoy the view of the Oslo Fjord or take a trip to the city's beautiful square from one of the many outdoor cafes that can be found here.

Drøbak, from sailing ship town to holiday idyll

At the beginning of the 1800th century, the mast forest was dense in Drøbak. Goods of all kinds were unloaded on wagons, which horses continued upwards towards the capital. Today, the boats are perhaps even closer to the harbor, but now it is modern sailboats and leisure vessels that have taken over the scenic bay.

Tourism in Drøbak is not insignificant. Many tourists visit Drøbak precisely because of the city and the coast. The town has many picturesque old houses. Many of them are outbuildings from the late 1600th century onwards. The many art galleries, small shops and exhibitions attract many visitors to the city during the summer. Then the square and especially the beach is full of people.

The seaside resort Drøbak

In Drøbak you will also find the Oslo Fjord's only saltwater aquarium (Drøbak Aquarium). Drøbak is the place in Follo where you can shop in nice shops close to the fjord, or maybe play golf at Drøbak Golf Club. Drøbak is also often called the seaside resort, and has many beaches: Badeparken, Parrstranda, Torkhildstranda and Skiphelle, to name a few of the most famous. But should you prefer the pool, there is The wave bathed & activity center where it is easy to have fun for a few hours.

The biggest attraction in Drøbak is perhaps the city itself

Drøbak is considered the northernmost of the southern villages. Take time for a walk through several hundred-year-old wooden houses, and enjoy the sight and scents of the beautiful gardens that surround them. Knut Hamsun and Christian Krogh have also set foot here, and both sailors and nobles walked around before you. The square and the Drøbak square library are the city's most important gathering places. Throughout the summer, there is a bustling life here, with second-hand and antique sellers, handicrafts, local food and much, much more. On the square you will also find the city's beautiful library.

The bathing park in Drøbak

Few towns can boast an equally beautiful city park as Drøbak. For generations, the trees and shrubs have grown large and beautiful. The park is illuminated in the evening and there are still events, festivals and parties. You will find play equipment and a beach volleyball court. The bathing park in Drøbak offers summer joy such as beaches, diving towers. You will also find a cozy cafe and Gallery Varmbadet. The park has many cozy trails with the best views of Drøbaksundet and Oscarsborg. Most people know the crucial role of Oscarsborg Fortress during World War II. At the fountain in the bathing park you can view the anchor of the Blücher, the warship that was sunk here in 2.

Drøbak Boat Harbor

Just below the square is the boat harbor in Drøbak, surrounded by white wooden houses from the 1700th century. Here you can walk on the promenade, fish for mountain beaks and small crabs, or buy shrimp and fish straight from the boat. On Molo B is a small summer cafe, and on Skipper's lounge You can enjoy a meal or a dewy summer beer. At the marina you will also find the Tourist Information.

Santa Claus comes from Drøbak

You know that Santa Claus lives in Drøbak? Here he has his house and his own post office, where there are visits and mail from all over the world. Every year, Santa Claus receives over 20 cards and letters with wishes and greetings.

Conservation Association Gamle Drøbak

Conservation Association Gamle Drøbak does its part to ensure that the older buildings in Drøbak and Frogn are maintained.
That is, the architectural character and traditions are continued in Gamle Drøbak.
In addition, the conservation association also preserves old documents and photos. The association also has its own outlet, "Låven", where they sell contemporary doors, windows, roof tiles and other things for the preservation of local wooden houses.

Every year, a plaque is distributed from Verneforening, to homeowners who have maintained or restored their property in a commendable way, or adapted new to old.
The statuettes for the award state: "Plaque can be given within the following categories"

  • New construction
  • Return to original design
  • Extensions and / or new use of existing buildings or facilities worthy of protection
  • Good maintenance of original buildings.

Read more about this at Verneforening's websites

Appreciations and plaques from the Conservation Association