Visit Drøbak

A little about Visit Drøbak

Behind Visit Drøbak are people, companies and organizations from Drøbak and Frogn in a number of over 300.

Visit Drøbak is a non-profit organization that takes care of tourism profiling on this website and social media.

On the owner side it says:
1. Frogn Municipality
2. Frogn Business Council
3. Drøbak City
4. Drøbak Artist Forum
5. The village women in Frogn
6. The museums in Akershus
7. 13 companies and resource persons

The board consists of 7 people. 2 representatives from Frogn Municipality, 2 zealots and 3 drivers within the visitor-oriented industry.

We are all happy and proud of Drøbak, summer and winter, yes autumn and spring as well.

Welcome to Drøbak, take a picture of what you like and take it #visitdrobak / #visitdrøbak