Visit Drøbak

A little about Visit Drøbak

Behind Visit Drøbak are people, companies and organizations from Drøbak and Frogn in a number of over 300.

Visit Drøbak is a non-profit organization that takes care of tourism profiling on this website and social media.

On the owner side it says:
1. Frogn Næringsråd
2. Drøbak By
3. Drøbak Artist Forum
4. The village women in Frogn
5. The museums in Akershus
6. 13 companies and resource persons

The board consists of 7 people. 3 enthusiasts and 4 drivers in the visitor-oriented industry.

We are all happy and proud of Drøbak, summer and winter, yes autumn and spring as well.

Welcome to Drøbak, take a picture of what you like and take it #visitdobak