Exploration and activities in Drøbak and Frogn

Here are some tips for you who are looking for activities / things to do in Drøbak and Frogn, all year round.
The bathing park - Parrstranda
The largest bathing place in Drøbak

Here are some tips for you who are looking for activities / things to do in Drøbak and Frogn, all year round.

The seaside resort Drøbak

Skiphelle, Elleskjær, Torkildstranda, Sprostranda, Badeparken, Nordstranda and so on; we have more nice beaches than most, and we have enough space for everyone.
With the opening of Bølgen bath and activity center in 2019, Drøbak became a year-round seaside resort. The center, which is located on Seiersten, is suitable for everything from competitive swimmers via exercisers to parents with small children who want to play and enjoy themselves for a few hours.

Steminsgbilde from Drøbakfestivalen in Drøbak, photo: Drøbakfestivalen

The festival town Drøbak
Something happens almost every night during the summer season in Drøbak. Informal concerts in cafés, the classical Summer concerts in Drøbak church and various events in Smia Kulturhus.
Going to a festival in Drøbak, with the many natural scenes right by the fjord, is an experience that includes great views, sea air and the opportunity to take an impulsive dip.
The Drøbak Festival, which is held in the idyllic Badeparken in early summer, attracts current Norwegian and international artists. Last weekend in July, it is ready for the popular Harbor Festival, rock foot and good atmosphere on Sjøtorget behind the aquarium.
The backyard festival, which consists of several events throughout the summer, is a series of intimate concerts, dance performances and other creative expressions.
Guitars by the fjord is interested in the musical, artistic expression - often acoustic - and has therefore become popular in music circles. Well-known artists, and the local talents that GVF likes to show off, take the stage several times throughout the season.

Every year in August, it is ready for the big opera production in the natural amphitheater at Oscarsborg, probably Norway's most beautiful stage. Here you have to be out early to secure a ticket; opera lovers, and everyone else who wants an extraordinary experience, make a pilgrimage to the opera performances with the good sound.

Go pole vaulting, win prizes
We have "planted" 50 poles in different places in and outside Drøbak and at Oscarsborg. Each bar, which is approximately one meter high, has its own number with letter and QR code for registration with a smartphone. Download the app Stolpejakten, bring the family, find the poles and get to know the area a little better. A registered post corresponds to one ticket in the prize draw. The pole hunting season is from 1 May to 1 November.

Taste! The ladies in Drøbak know how to swing a golf club.
Taste! The ladies in Drøbak know how to swing a golf club.

Drøbak Golf Course
The town's well-kept and varied 18-hole park course is located at the entrance to Drøbak. Here you can test your skills and enjoy the trip in beautiful surroundings, right by the Follo Museum and the Victory Fortress. Headpro Jim McGowan, who coached PGA Tour players Henrik Bjørnstad and Viktor Hovland when they were teenagers, can certainly help you if you need to fix the turn.

Skate park
Skaters and BMX riders are welcome to unfold in the skate park with the official name Treffpunktet activity park (no one uses it, but can be useful when googling). Scooters and roller skates also work. Bowl, jumpbox, quarter pipe and the rest of the park, which is located on Seiersten, is open every day until 22 pm. Remember safety equipment.

There are many nice roads that are suitable for cycling in the Frogn area.
There are many nice roads that are suitable for cycling in the Frogn area.

The road network in Frogn is popular with cyclists, both hard-working exercisers and families who like to take a pleasant discovery trip by bike. There are many routes to choose from; we suggest that you either start, end - or take a break - in Drøbak. It is important to replenish nutrients and restore fluid balance. Something fresh from Håndverksbakeriet, a coffee and / or a smoothie on the pier or in Badeparken will make the break the highlight of the day. On the way north, you can, for example, swallow the route via Nesoddtangen and take the bike on the boat over to Aker Brygge in Oslo.

From the rocks on Bergholmen, fishing luck can be great.
From the rocks on Bergholmen, fishing luck can be great.

Along our coastline there are several popular, and some a little more secluded, rocks and beaches for angling. Check any signs before throwing out. There are also good fishing opportunities in some of the lakes in the country. You get information and maps where you buy a fishing license (= permission to fish in fresh water).

Windsurfing and paddle board
Torkildstranda is the local eldorado for windsurfers and paddlers in various categories. The car park right by the beach, and the often ideal wind and wave conditions, are well known among windsurfers.

Sailing and kayaking
Sailing, kayaking and water sports are of course a popular hobby in the city which in the 1800th century was one of Norway's most important sailing ship towns. The sailboats may not be quite that big anymore, but you will find them and the environment at Vindfangerbukta north of Drøbak center. If you want to paddle, we suggest you choose the historic Jacobineruta, named after the legendary widow who earned her living by rowing people across the strait.

There may be some free space in the main Boat Harbor.
There may be some free space in the main Boat Harbor.

Boat Rental
Drøbak guest harbor has 40 guest berths with electricity, toilet, shower and restaurant. The guest harbor, which is open all year round, is located in the center with walking distance to everything.

Skiing in Frogn
The ski group in Drøbak / Frogn Idrettslag (DFI) puts in an impressive number of volunteer hours to create good skiing conditions and trails. The light trail, which starts at Seiersten or the golf course, is approximately 5 km and is established as soon as the temperature allows the production of artificial snow. The trail network expands significantly when the natural snow arrives. You can ski to Nesodden, across the fields towards Ås, in Seierstenmarka or south in the direction of Hvitsten or Vestby starting at Klommestein. If you come from Oslo by bus, you can, for example, get off at Heer where the ski trail starts 5 meters from the stop.

Carousel race and play at the golf course
DFI Ski's carousel race is a popular offer for the little ones, every Wednesday throughout the season. The carousel race has a start and finish at the Golf Course (30 meters from the car park) and often gathers around 500 participants. On weekends, this area is also a popular gathering place for sledding and skiing.

Norwegians' favorite hobby never goes out of style. In Drøbak and Frogn you can walk along the fjord, in Seierstensmarka (adapted for wheelchair users starting from Follo Museum), in the forest or south towards Skiphelle and Klommestein. The scout cabin at Høiåsbanen is open on Sundays; the many nice cafes and restaurants in Drøbak are never far away.

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