Oscarsborg Opera

Oscarsborg Opera puts on big outdoor opera performances in August every year. The performance is played in Borggården at oscarsborg Fortress in Drøbak.

Oscarsborg Opera plays open-air opera in Borggården at Oscarsborg Fortress in August every year. The courtyard has 100% natural acoustics and a unique historical atmosphere. The magazine «OPERA» called OscarsborgOperaen Nordens «Arena di Verona». Here you have to be out early to secure a ticket; opera lovers, and everyone else who wants an extraordinary experience, make a pilgrimage to the opera performances with the good sound.

Following the success of "The Regiment's Daughter" last year, the Oscarsborg Opera is now moving in a magnificent and monumental direction for this year's opera event at Oscarsborg. Ten years after AIDA, where Giuseppe Verdi had actually retired, he wrote the masterpiece "Otello" based on Shakespeare's drama. Otello has EVERYTHING: Fantastic music, drama, poetry, great mass scenes, power struggles and intrigue in the story of the Moorish army commander Otello who comes home victorious. One of the world's finest opera tragedies!

The Oscarsborg Opera is one of the highlights of the summer.
Many people like to describe it as a small festival on the days the performances are played.

Dates: 09.08 11.08 13.08 15.08 17.08 19.08 and 20.08 2022.

Ticket sales: https://www.ticketmaster.no

The title role Otello is characterized as one of the most challenging roles a tenor can tackle, and at Oscarsborg it is Henrik Engelsviken from Nesodden who has been given the great challenge of holding the role.

Henrik has been a leading tenor in the soloist ensemble at DNO & B for a number of years, and is super ready for this exciting task.
Like his wife Desdemona, soprano Nina Gravrok comes to Oscarsborg for the first time.

A shining star in the opera sky that has long been wanted by Oscarsborg.
It's just to enjoy.

Gallery of previous performances:


General facilities
1 spectators per night.
Translation of text on screen.
Wheelchair accessible.

Accommodation, food and drink
Three-course dinner inside the Fortress (ordered at ticketmaster.no).
Food and drink outside the fortress before the performance and during the break.
Havnekroa and Oscarsborg Hotell offer À la Carte.

Boat transport
Free boat round trip Drøbak - Oscarsborg.
Boat from Oslo (ordered at ticketmaster.no).
Boat from Sandvika (ordered at ticketmaster.no).