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In Drøbak, the large hotel chains do not dominate - but the small cozy hotels with pleasant service, historic accommodation with character. Drøbak is a favorite holiday resort whether you stay at a hotel or you come by sea and want to seek shelter in the guest harbor.

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Reenskaug Hotel

Reenskaug Hotel

Reenskaug hotel in Storgata in Drøbak is the city's oldest and most traditional ...

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Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort

Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort, is located at Oscarsborg Fortress, in the middle of Drøbaksundet. Here...

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Drøbak Boat Harbor

Boaters: Guest harbors in Drøbak

Drøbak welcomes all boaters on their own keel. A guest harbor in Drøbak ...

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In the center of Drøbak is historic Rain shower hotel, it is the city's oldest and most traditional hotel with over 100 years of experience.
In the middle of Drøbaksundet is a small ferry ride from Drøbak center Oscarsborg Hotel.
Like Reenskaug, this is also on the list of those historic hotels found in Norway.
Osvarsborg Hotel is a fortress hotel where you can spend the night on historical grounds
Most people have probably heard of the warship Blucher which was sunk by the cannon at Oscarsborg.
Accommodation is also possible if you come by boat, in our own guest harbor there are most facilities so that the visit is pleasant.
Should it be full on the guest pier, take a trip to our marina and they will probably be able to find a place you can borrow on your Drøbak visit.