Bustling life

Diverse Drøbak, with all its attractions reopens,
shops, restaurants, experiences and bustling market life.
Make the trip to Drøbak by bus, car or boat.


Next Friday, ie 6 November, is the planning day for schools and kindergartens in our district.

Our tip this day is to bring children / grandchildren on an aquarium visit at Drøbak Aquarium, they are open from 10:00 to 16:00

Our other tip is to take them to Bølgen water park, There is a regular entrance fee to the bathroom, but in the coffee you can buy coffee, cocoa or Kuli + waffle for only NOK 35, -, or you will find something else good and homemade there! Opening hours this day are: 06.15 - 21.00


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Drøbak, an exciting shopping town!

Shopping in Drøbak

Drøbak is an exciting shopping town open on Sundays!

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    On Sunday 24 October 2021, we in Frogn need 150 gun carriers to give the municipality's residents the chance to support this year's TV campaign. This year it is dedicated to the fight against child marriage; "Children, not brides" - thanks to your two-hour Sunday trip.

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