Diverse Drøbak, with all its attractions reopens,
shops, restaurants, experiences.
Make the trip to Drøbak by bus, car or boat.

Next Friday, ie 6 November, is the planning day for schools and kindergartens in our district.

Our tip this day is to bring children / grandchildren on an aquarium visit at Drøbak Aquarium, they are open from 10:00 to 16:00

Our other tip is to take them to Bølgen water park, There is a regular entrance fee to the bathroom, but in the coffee you can buy coffee, cocoa or Kuli + waffle for only NOK 35, -, or you will find something else good and homemade there! Opening hours this day are: 06.15 - 21.00


We recommend in Drøbak

Drøbak and Oscarsborg Fortress

Drøbak, with its old wooden houses by the fjord, is known for its low pulse and large heart ...

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Badeparken - Parrstranda

Exploration and activities in Drøbak and Frogn

Here are some tips for you who are looking for activities / things to do in Drøbak ...

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The Sunday town is Drøbak

Drøbak is the Sunday town with shops open on Sundays with an exciting selection of goods, galleries, restaurants and activities for the whole ...

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The artist town Drøbak

During the last 200 years, many famous artists have moved ...

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Drøbak, an exciting shopping town!

Shopping in Drøbak

Drøbak is an exciting shopping town open on Sundays!

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Drøbak Boat Harbor

Boaters: Guest harbors in Drøbak

Drøbak welcomes all boaters on their own keel. A guest harbor in Drøbak Syd and Småbåthavna ...

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  • Coronavirus: updated information 16. January 2021
    Here you get the latest news about coronavirus in Frogn municipality.
  • Quick clay and ground conditions in Frogn 5. January 2021
    The entire Frogn municipality is below the marine boundary, and we have a number of marine deposits, ie loose materials that were deposited in the sea when the ice retreated after the last ice age. However, there are few areas that have been mapped with a risk of quick clay landslides in Frogn.
  • Christmas services in Frogn 2020 22. December 2020
    Drøbak and Frogn parish welcomes Christmas services again this year - but these will - like everything else this year - be subject to strict infection control restrictions. See time and place for the various services here:

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