The elf is ready for pole hunting

Romjulstrim in Drøbak

You probably ate too many ribs, pork chops, Christmas ham and other snacks at Christmas.
Now is the time for some exercise, and then a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt in the beautiful center of Drøbak is just the thing for you.

Drøbak is probably one of the most beautifully decorated Christmas towns in miles around.

The entire center of Drøbak is lit up, Drøbak square looks like a glittering jewel, and the restaurants offer delicious drinks after the Christmas pole hunt.

Built over the same scaffolding as pole hunting, people can walk along the street in search of pixie poles which are placed in a number of places in and slightly on the outskirts of Drøbak centre.

But not so far away that there is reason to fear painful cramps in the legs and thighs or visible difficulty breathing.

Tourism manager Mari Bareksten invites you to go elf hunting
Christmas street with snow on the square in Drøbak

It is the city's tourism manager Mari Bareksten who has brought as many as 30 businesses, both attractions, museums, galleries, shops and eateries, on the pole hunt.

They have had a specially made Christmas pole made by Drøbak microcarpentry outside their company, and where people can scan a QR code with their mobile in the same way as on a pole hunt, get points and where they will then find more information that the trader has posted.

Whether it's good Christmas offers, current art exhibitions or other exciting information about the place.

All you have to do is set out on an exciting Christmas pole hunt, and maybe a couple of extra kilos will disappear in one fell swoop.