Drøbak, an exciting shopping town!
Drøbak is not only a niche town, but also a niche town. The flora of exciting shops with surprising products and offers makes Drøbak an exciting shopping town!

Shopping in Drøbak

Open Sunday all year round

Because here the big chain stores do not dominate. In Drøbak you will find small, pleasant shops with gift items, clothes and shoes, antiques and handicrafts. Here it is exciting to stop by! Not least, you meet smiling staff who give you a helping hand before you happily leave the store.

Bustling market trade in the summer half year

Most shops are centered around Torget and in Storgata, where there is also a summer market on the square from April to September, and of course before Christmas. Here come the "shopkeepers" to offer their goods. It is a bustling life when the market trade is at its busiest.

Drøbak has been a "shopping place" for several hundred years, and keeps this rich tradition alive. New shops are also emerging in the city center, well worth a visit if you want something alternative to the big malls. Here you can smell freshly baked bread and self-produced chocolate, you will find jewelry, clothes and manicures. And the city is known for its rich flora of stylists and hairdressers. Welcome to an innovative Drøbak Sentrum!

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