The big chain stores do not dominate here. In Drøbak you will find small, pleasant shops with gift items, clothes and shoes, antiques and handicrafts.



in Drøbak, the large chain stores do not dominate - but the small, pleasant shops with gift items, clothes and shoes, antiques and handicrafts. Here, personal style and imagination prevail. Join a tour of some of the city's leading shops.
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Bringebærlandet (Raspberry country) in Drøbak

Bringebærlandet is located just outside Drøbak, just over half an hour's drive south of Oslo ....

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Tomtermais - Farm shop

Gårdsbutikken (The farm shop) Tomtermais - fresh vegetables all year round

Tomtermais / Haneborg Gård received Innovation Norway's Business Development Award last year. It tells it ...

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Kashmina in Drøbak

Kashmina is a Norwegian clothing brand, from Drøbak. We have a shop - with ...

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Yasmin clothing store in Drøbak

Yasmin is a nice clothing store located in Egegården, right by the square ...

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Pretty Woman in Drøbak

Pretty Woman is a shop for ladies right in the heart of Drøbak ....

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Annek's - find exactly the garment you need

Annek's is a cozy treasure trove in beautiful Drøbak. Nice staff to help you ...

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Calzado - the girls' shoe store

Calzado has been in the center of Drøbak for 17 years. You will find us ...

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Matkroken - Grocery and post office

Matkroken - supermarket and post office

In the middle of Drøbak you will find what you need of food at Matkroken, ...

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Hageland - A rich plant center

Hageland - it sprouts and grows in Drøbak!

A rich plant center holds the flourishing Drøbak with seeds, plants and flowers ....

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Sjøstjernen - restaurant right on the seafront

The starfish

The starfish can be found on the quay at the new guest harbor in Drøbak Syd, so ...

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Fretex in Drøbak

This gang helps you at Fretex "Best second hand shop in town!" ...

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Jernia - City colors

Jernia - City Farger

Jernia City Farger is a store located in Drøbak City. Here...

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Lyst and Lysthuset in Drøbak

Lyst & Lysthuset: Let yourself be tempted…

At Lyst & Lysthuset you will find interiors, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories ...

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Hamburg - Clothing store for him

Hamborg: The clothing store mostly for him, but also for her

Gunnar Hamborg welcomes customers in Niels Carlsens gate. Facebook Link Envelope ...

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No3 - the interior design shop

This is Drøbak's by far the most beautiful and cozy interior shop. If you are going to buy ...

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Butterfly - swimwear and underwear

Butterfly - the women's bath shop

In our shop you will find a large selection of swimwear, underwear and ...

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Lises Sewing Room and Party Costume

We are located in a bright and pleasant room in Storgata 2, ...

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Schau Optik, your optician in Drøbak

Since 1971, Schau Optik has been responsible for an optical shop with a focus ...

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Espely Hagesenter in Drøbak

Flower shop and garden center in Drøbak

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Creative Gallery and Frame Workshop

Combined the gallery and the frame workshop in Niels Carlsens gate in Drøbak.

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Most shops are centered around Torget and in Storgata, where there is also a summer market on the square from April to September, and of course before Christmas. Here come the "shopkeepers" to offer their goods. It is a bustling life when the market trade is at its busiest.

We also have a mall that offers most of what you need.

In addition, you will find several types of farm shops that offer you purchases directly from the farmer.