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The shopping opportunities in Drøbak are many.
Down in the center of Drøbak, you will find small shops with clothes and interiors and what you need for personal care. But should you need leisure items, hobby items or things for renovation, it is still a short trip.

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The Christmas house in Drøbak

Julehuset - Santa Claus is from Drøbak

Julehuset in Drøbak - Santa Claus was born under a rock in Vindfangerbukta ...

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The newspaper cartoonists' house - the sanctuary in the free town

The newspaper cartoonists' house is more than a showroom or a gallery. It is...

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Gallery Finsrud - Torkilstranda

Gallery Finsrud dept. Torkilstranda

Gallery Finsrud on Torkilstranda is the multi-artist Reidar Finsrud's business of artist material and ...

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Gallery Finsrud avd. Bilitt

Gallery Finsrud

Gallery Finsrud avd. Bilitt is the main gallery of multi-artist Reidar Finsrud and houses ...

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Gallery Havstad

Gallery Havstad

In 1996, Sharon Austin and Torgeir Havstad opened their gallery in Storgata ...

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Oscarsborg Fortress: Museum & guided tour

Oscarsborg Fortress has since 1848 been an effective defense in the Oslo Fjord ...

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Tomtermais - Farm shop

Gårdsbutikken (The farm shop) Tomtermais - fresh vegetables all year round

Tomtermais / Haneborg Gård received Innovation Norway's Business Development Award last year. It tells it ...

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Hageland - A rich plant center

Hageland - it sprouts and grows in Drøbak!

A rich plant center holds the flourishing Drøbak with seeds, plants and flowers ....

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Jernia - City colors

Jernia - City Farger

Jernia City Farger is a store located in Drøbak City. Here...

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BunadRosen - we know national costumes and bunad silver!

BunadRosen in Drøbak is a family business that has run a shop and sewing room ...

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Schau Optik, your optician in Drøbak

Since 1971, Schau Optik has been responsible for an optical shop with a focus ...

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Espely Hagesenter in Drøbak

Flower shop and garden center in Drøbak

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Follo Economy

Follo Økonomi Drøbak AS helps small and medium-sized companies with complete financial assistance.

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Creative Gallery and Frame Workshop

Combined the gallery and the frame workshop in Niels Carlsens gate in Drøbak.

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Jordbærbua (Strawberry hut) | Saxebølbær

At Saxebølbær in Jordbærbua you will also find vegetables, honey, eggs and ...

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AMFI Drøbak City - Shopping center

AMFI Drøbak City - shopping center

Most people who come to Drøbak pass the AMFI Drøbak City shopping center on ...

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Elon - Everything in consumer electronics

Elon offers everything in consumer electronics; audio and video products, telematics, data and ...

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Drøbak Kunstnerforum, brings together artists in Frogn

Drøbak Artists' Forum brings together performers in Frogn in the fields of film, literature, music, performing arts and...

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Heitmann Marin Drøbak

Heitmann Marin AS is Norway's leading specialist company for motor and sailboats. The business ...

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Goldsmith Atelier

Gullsmed Atelieret is a small independent goldsmith's workshop in the old town of Drøbak. Jeweler...

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Whether your Drøbak visit is short-lived or longer, the same shopping opportunities are here as what you are used to.
If you are going to make new cladding, the south wall needs a coat of stain, you need hinges for the garden gate, you will find several shops nearby that can offer products or the service you need. Hobbies, leisure items, interiors, plants, flowers, vegetables, gift items, clothing, care, etc.

With approx. 15.000 permanent residents, Drøbak is a place that lacks nothing.
In the summer, the city is filled with tourists and we become the cozy summer city everyone likes so much.
Welcome to our city