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Leisure time

Leisure is what Drøbak wants to be for you, but in order to have free time, you need some preparation. Either you need to give the cottage a coat of paint, or the patio needs a little upgrade.
Leisure can also mean that you need a new badminton set for the garden….
The opportunity to make the latest purchases of leisure items is thus close in Drøbak.

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Bølgen Bad & Aktivitetssenter: The fashion place for health and happiness

When Bølgen bath & activity center opened in June, over 1000 people had ...

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Drøbak Golf

Golf in Drøbak

Drøbak Golf Club has one of Norway's most popular and popular golf courses. IN...

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Jernia - City colors

Jernia - City Farger

Jernia City Farger is a store located in Drøbak City. Here...

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AMFI Drøbak City - Shopping center

AMFI Drøbak City - shopping center

Most people who come to Drøbak pass the AMFI Drøbak City shopping center on ...

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Elon - Everything in consumer electronics

Elon offers everything in consumer electronics; audio and video products, telematics, data and ...

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Heitmann Marin Drøbak

Heitmann Marin AS is Norway's leading specialist company for motor and sailboats. The business ...

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Leisure also means self-care and in Drøbak there are many opportunities for that as well.
Do you need a round of golf before you feel that your holiday may come to take you, or maybe a swim in the pool or on one of our many beaches is your thing.

Should at least have a new bath toy, or has the bike punctured and you need a new hose.
How about a new barbecue for the terrace this season.
In Drøbak you will find the same shopping opportunity that you are used to at home, whether you visit the city for a few days or you take your entire holiday with us.