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Health and beauty

In Drøbak, there are many opportunities for modern styling, haircuts and skin care.
Considering the size of the city, there are an incredible number of hair salons, so the chance of fixing the hairstyle is great.

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AMFI Drøbak City - Shopping center

AMFI Drøbak City - shopping center

Most people who come to Drøbak pass the AMFI Drøbak City shopping center on ...

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Hope Hair in Drøbak

HOPE Hair is about taking responsibility, both for customers and employees ....

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Gustino hairdresser

There is a beautiful hair salon that meets us when we visit Gustino ....

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Schau Optik, your optician in Drøbak

Since 1971, Schau Optik has been responsible for an optical shop with a focus ...

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Other lounges

Fiin AS, Storgata 2, 1440 Drøbak, Tel .: 64 93 30 10
Albin Frisør, Amfi Drøbak City Holterveien 3, Tel .: 902 72 621
Annika's, Niels Carlsensgate, Tel .: 64 93 45 05
Boulevard Hair Studio, Lindtruppbakken 8, Tel .: 976 77 701
Dr. Hår, Holterveen 4G, Tel .: 920 50 583

Heer Frisør, Heerveien 9, Tel .: 64 93 20 83
Hei Sveis, Seiersten Sentrum, Tel .: 64 93 77 66
Salong Strand, Husvikveien 19, Tel .: 994 37 495
Fønix Frisør, Niels Carlsensgate 5, Tel .: 64 93 04 35

Contact Visit Drøbak, if your salon is missing, or if more information is required.

Do you need to shrug your shoulders, relax and let someone take care of you?
In a quiet and idyllic setting, everyone who is concerned about health and beauty and who wants to improve their appearance in a natural way,
warmly welcomed. You have come to the right city.

You will find many salons with a rich selection of care products, treatments for beauty and health.
Should you need skin care, hair removal with wax, artificial nails, nail design, lash lift, coloring of lashes and eyebrows, care of hands and feet.