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In Drøbak, the food selection is large, whether you want to shop at the most common chain stores such as Meny, Kiwi, Rema 1000, etc. But there are also several options for buying directly from the farmer.

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Bringebærlandet (Raspberry country) in Drøbak

Bringebærlandet is located just outside Drøbak, just over half an hour's drive south of Oslo ....

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Tomtermais - Farm shop

Gårdsbutikken (The farm shop) Tomtermais - fresh vegetables all year round

Tomtermais / Haneborg Gård received Innovation Norway's Business Development Award last year. It tells it ...

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Matkroken - Grocery and post office

Matkroken - supermarket and post office

In the middle of Drøbak you will find what you need of food at Matkroken, ...

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Jordbærbua (Strawberry hut) | Saxebølbær

At Saxebølbær in Jordbærbua you will also find vegetables, honey, eggs and ...

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AMFI Drøbak City - Shopping center

AMFI Drøbak City - shopping center

Most people who come to Drøbak pass the AMFI Drøbak City shopping center on ...

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Salmon Fish and Game in Drøbak

Salmon Fish and Game

Laksen Fisk og Vilt Drøbak was established in 2018. Quality and service ...

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Other grocery stores

7-Eleven | Sogstiveien 2 | Tel .: 64 93 54 55 | Always fresh bread every day!

Coop Extra, Holterveien 2 B v / Drøbak City, Tel .: 64 93 50 00
Grønthuset, Storgata 7, Pavelstorget, Tel .: 64 93 02 88
Kiwi Heer, Heerveien 10, Tel .: 64 93 89 88
Kiwi Ullerud, Loimaveien 1, Tel .: 64 93 21 15

Menu, Amfi- Drøbak City, Tel .: 64 90 72 70
Rema 1000, Dyrløkkeveien 1, Tel .: 64 90 94 30
Rema 1000, Ullerud Loimaveien 5, Tel .: 64 93 10 57

On Haneborg Farm You can buy fresh vegetables straight from the ground from their own farm shop, they also offer self-picking of several types of vegetables.
Short-haul food straight from the farmer, grown in a well-run and natural farm - is in the shot like never before.

In the middle of Drøbak you will find what you need of food at Matkroken, which is part of Coop Norway. Particularly convenient for all local residents, and visiting boaters who can stroll in the shop from the guest harbor or the marina. Free parking in front of the shop and at Bankløkka (2 hours).
In our city there is also a shopping center, Amphitheatre, Drøbak City. Here you will find the supermarket MENU with fresh produce department, and a large number of well-known stores - most of them chain stores.