The bus from Oslo arrives at Drøbak Torg.

How to get to Drøbak

Many people come to Drøbak by car, but check the parking options first.



Drøbak is easiest to reach by taking the E6 from the north or south. Follow the sign exit from E6, distance to Drøbak is about 12-14 km. If you come from the west side of the Oslo Fjord, you can take the ferry from Horten to Moss and take the E6. You can also take off from the E18 at Drammen. Choose national road 23 Drøbak over Hurum. Through the Oslofjord tunnel you arrive at Drøbak.


In Drøbak, there is two hours of free parking at Bankløkka in the middle of the city. At the shopping center Amfi Drøbak City, there is four hours of free parking.

In Drøbak central you can park during the day for 2-hour periods for a fee. At Sjøtorget, where the boat to Oscarsborg docks, it is possible to park for up to 9 hours for a fee. Night parking is free between 17.00:08.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

Parking regulations in Drøbak you will find HERE.

Map of parking spaces in Drøbak can be found by going to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's overview. By clicking on the various parking spaces / street names, you will get a map showing where they are located. You will find the overview HERE.

Parking for tourist buses

The municipality has two free parking spaces for tourist buses at Ruter's turning point at Seiersten.
Address: Ullerudveien.


The bus from Oslo arrives at Drøbak Torg.

There is both an express bus and a regular bus between Oslo and Drøbak. Express bus takes 40 minutes, regular bus about 50 minutes.
The bus leaves from Oslo Bus Terminal near Oslo Central Station and has a terminus at Drøbak Brygge. Route information:

There are also local bus routes between Ski, Ås and Drøbak.

From Ski and Ås there is a train connection to Oslo S and south.

The speedboat
The speedboat "Baronen" has just clapped at the quay in Drøbak with passengers from Oslo.

Speedboat between Oslo and Drøbak

The fast boat connection from Aker Brygge to Drøbak is an experience in itself. Bring family and friends on a trip that will open your eyes to the great island paradise that you can see in the Inner Oslo Fjord. An overview of the boat trip and sailing times can be found HERE.

You will find updated routes over all boat connections in the Inner Oslo Fjord HERE.

Guest harbors

If you come with your own boat, there are opportunities for port and accommodation on board three guest harbors. There is a newly built guest harbor in the far south of Drøbak, where you will also find the nightclub Sjøstjernen.

The new guest harbor in Drøbak south has good capacity.

Drøbak Guest Harbor

The port guard is responsible for the operation and collection of fees. Maximum stay three days. Guest harbor prices: • Day mooring (until 17.00), NOK 50, - • Boat size under 20 feet NOK 100, - pr. days • Boat size 20 - 30 feet NOK 150, - pr. days • Boat size 30 - 40 feet NOK 200, - pr. days • Boat size 40 - 50 feet NOK 300, - pr. day • Electricity rent NOK 50, - pr. day and night. The receipt mark must be affixed visibly to the mooring against the pier. In other respects, general regulations apply to the guest harbor that is posted in the area. More info:

There are opportunities for free space in the Marina.

The marina in Drøbak

As long as there is free space, you can also add for the night in Drøbak Båtforening's facility, the marina in Drøbak itself. Here there are security crews you can turn to on the weekends throughout the summer. More about Drøbak Båtforening and list of harbor guards:

Oscarsborg Guest Harbor
There are over 100 places in Gjestehavna at Oscarsborg.

Guest harbor at Oscarsborg 

The guest harbor is staffed Thursday - Sunday with Harbor Guard. There is room for about 100 boats and additional guest berths. The guest harbor now has internet access. Prices: 6 kroner pr. feet for accommodation. Day visit: 10, - per hour for boats under 25 feet (+ NOK 50, - in deposit) and 20, - per hour for boats over 25 feet (+ NOK 100, - in deposit). Then you can moor to the pier all day until 23.00:XNUMX. Port fee
 paid to Havnevakta or to the payment machine. Included in the port rent is unlimited with electricity, water, toilets, waste management and opportunities for internet. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve a place in the harbor. If you have any questions, the Harbor Guard can be contacted by phone: 97 43 47 79 or

There are many nice roads that are suitable for cycling in the Frogn area.

By bike

• From Oslo: Feel free to take the bike on the bus to Oslo Fjordcamp in Hvervenbukta (tel. 455 04 765 / Take bus 83 from Vika / Vestbanen. From there you can cycle Gamle Mossevei, a favorite ride for everyone on two wheels. The road takes you along Gjersjøen through an idyllic area with beautiful landscapes and small buildings. At the end of Gjersjøen you reach the amusement park Tusenfryd. From there you can continue on Gamle Mossevei along the Bunnefjord to Lake Årungen. There you will find a cycle path under the motorway in the direction of Drøbak, a little further south there is a bridge over the E6. "All roads lead to Drøbak" in this area. A useful map can be found on

• From Moss you can cycle in the direction of Kambo and take the old road along the coast that leads north through idyllic Son in the direction of Drøbak. On the way you can take a detour to Hvitsten, which is a beautiful small town along the fjord with classic buildings. Here are also a number of "sculptures" to see in the form of galleon figures from a number of Fred. Olsen boats. This is a very attractive area to cycle in, with several roads to choose from.

• From Ski / Ås follow national road 52 in the direction of Drøbak. Large parts of this stretch have their own cycle path, and lead you through a beautiful Norwegian cultural landscape with magnificent farm buildings and burial mounds from the Viking Age along the road.

The marina is a popular destination for motorcycle trips.

Experience on a motorcycle

The outlined bike rides are also suitable for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to avoid the highway and experience old roads in beautiful scenery. To end the motorcycle trip with a visit by the sea in Drøbak will be the icing on the cake after one of these rides in the beautiful landscape along the Oslo Fjord.


Oslo Airport Gardermoen is Norway's main airport. From Gardermoen it takes about 1 hour by car to Drøbak. You can also take the Flytoget to Oslo S and then the bus to Drøbak from Oslo Bus Terminal, which is right next to Oslo Central Station.

Airport bus

Airport bus from Gardermoen along the east side of the Oslo Fjord stops at Korsegården, a junction on the E6 which is about 12 km from Drøbak. It takes an hour directly to Korsegården, which is the first stop. Schedules you will find on line F11 Fredrikstad-Gardermoen, or F16 Sarpsborg-Gardermoen. From Korsegården there is a bus to Drøbak, see Router # - or you can order a taxi with Follow Taxi (tel. 06485) - 24 hour service.

Overview of routes and departure times