Sunday town

The Sunday town of Drøbak with shops open on Sundays with an exciting selection of goods, galleries, restaurants and activities for the whole family.

Bustling life with trade and serving on the square in Drøbak

Experience, participate and enjoy at your own pace.

Diverse, charming Drøbak lives before and including Sundays. Most things are open, the pace is calm and the smiles are loose. Sunday is a feeling and an atmosphere that enthusiastic drippers like to share with guests.

Art and culture
The galleries are close and within walking distance by the fjord and in the small downtown streets. Local artists, exhibitions - various expressions, materials and formats. The impressions are free, the art personal and in all price ranges.
From Follo Museum's old days and activities to current satire in Avistegnernes Hus. Exhibitions in the beautifully situated Varmbadet, in Galleri Finsrud, at Vera's home and in the many small downtown premises. The music is everywhere and in various forms; official such as the concert series in Drøbak Church and opera at Oscarsborg and the random ones that occur when a couple of musical guests on impulse sit at the piano or pick up a guitar for a quarter of an hour in a café.

Shopping on a Sunday in Drøbak
The shops are open on Sundays and the product range is exciting. Many of them are run by women who started because they wanted to offer the distinctive and personal that you will not find in chain stores. Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in high quality and that no one else has. Whoever is looking will find!

The wave water park
Activities for young and old, Bølgen water park is another favorite for the little ones

Activities for the whole family
At Seiersten, five minutes from the city center, you will find our new skate park and water park Bølgen. In Drøbak's old center we have the Aquarium, you can go pole hunting or take the short boat trip to Oscarsborg with its history and exciting activities. In the summer, Drøbak is the seaside resort before anyone, kilometers of beaches from south to north. At Tregaardens Julehus, on the other hand, it is Christmas all year round. You are of course also welcome to buy fish and shrimp directly from the boat and visit the market which is open every weekend. In Drøbak, everything and everyone welcomes, this also applies to the well-kept farms that sell firewood and self-produced food in season, offer dog sledding and other activities.

The craft bakery
The craft bakery in Drøbak has a lot to enjoy.

Time for lunch and dinner
You have many cafes and restaurants to choose from. Freshly baked local temptations, exciting menus from all corners of the world, a simple pizza, stately three-course meals or seafood? Look around, look at the menus and choose!