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In Drøbak, the large restaurant chains do not dominate - but the small, pleasant eateries with ingredients from local agriculture. You will also find many nice and water holes where you can quench your thirst.


Miramar in Drøbak

At Miramar in Drøbak you can enjoy Norwegian / Spanish inspired food in our ...

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The Old Bakery

The Old Bakery has outdoor seating at the bottom of the square and a warm ...

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Handelshuset Gastrobar in Drøbak

Handelshuset in Drøbak you can enjoy a better Italian pizza, burgers, etc ...

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Bytinget Pub

Bytinget is the only pure brown pub in Drøbak, inspired by Bytinget in Løgstør in Denmark. You...

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Drøbak Golf Cafe

Golf Kafeen We run the Golf restaurant at Drøbak golf club, provide catering to ...

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Kumlegaarden in Drøbak


For 30 years, Kumlegaarden has hosted everything from tourists to ...

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Skipperstuen in Drøbak

Skipperstuen in Drøbak

Skipperstuen is located in the middle of the idyllic Drøbak boat harbor. From our restaurant you can ...

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Bangkok & Tokyo

Thai, take away and catering with a small cozy cafe in the middle of ...

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Cafe Drøbak

Just above Drøbak Torg you get ice cream, coffee, tasty lunch dishes such as ...

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Peppes Pizza in Drøbak

Peppes Pizza in Drøbak

Peppes Pizza is the largest pizza restaurant chain in Scandinavia. Informal atmosphere, pleasant surroundings ...

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MuDan Chinese Restaurant

Mudan Chinese Restaurant

A versatile eatery with mainly Chinese menu: Starters & snacks, salads, The ...

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Pizza Baron

Pizza Baron

Family business Pizza baron Drøbak is a well-established kebab and grill restaurant that ...

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Sjøstjernen - restaurant right on the seafront

The starfish

The starfish can be found on the quay at the new guest harbor in Drøbak Syd, so ...

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Reenskaug Hotel

Reenskaug Hotel

Reenskaug hotel in Storgata in Drøbak is the city's oldest and most traditional ...

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Other places to eat

Telegrafen, Storgata 10, Tel .: 458 95 903
Bombay Masala, Storgata 29, Tel .: 919 95 995
One Room and Kitchen, Buggebakken 4, Tel .: 992 59 999
Mrs. Thune Spiseri, Amfi- Drøbak City, Tel .: 994 08 400
Gallery Café Teskje, Niels Carlsens gate 7, Tel .: 64 93 09 91
Golfkafeen, Drøbak Golfklubb, Tel .: 928 99 455
Havnekroa Oscarsborg, Oscarsborg, Tel .: 402 01 112
Håndverksbakeriet, Torggata 6, Tel .: 406 72 532

Lobby, Reenskaug Hotel, Storgata 32, Tel .: 64 98 22 00
Miramar, Jørnsebakken 7, Tel .: 64 93 00 68
Mother's Cafe, Amfi- Drøbak City, Tel .: 64 93 94 42
Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort, Oscarsborg, Tel .: 64 90 40 00
Papaya Modern Asia Food, Storgata 23, Tel .: 22 44 44 14
Pavels Bakery, Storgata 7, Tel .: 64 93 03 20
Peppes Pizza, Torget 1, Tel .: 22 22 55 55
Vi Sushi & Wok, Holterveien 2 B, Tel .: 400 77 721

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Whether you want a better dinner or maybe a good lunch, you are guaranteed to find a tempting snack for the whole family.
The city is full of passionate souls who want you to life, we can e.g. mention that Cafe Drøbak makes its very own ice cream, which is suitable as a dessert or as a cooling treat in the summer heat. If you fancy pizza, there are several varieties that are worth trying.
in Drøbak there are restaurants for all palates and taste buds.
Drøbak has a large number of restaurants and nightclubs. We are proud that our small town can offer such a varied selection, whether you want some Asian or traditional home cooking, or maybe you are craving a juicy hamburger. Many of the city eateries also have of course seafood on the menu.