Drøbak’s many beaches

The beaches in Drøbak are many. They are all open to public use. We have visited most of them – the following is a description of the various beaches and their qualities.

Badeparken: Very central and very popular. Photo: Pål Mørk.

Badeparken: Very central and very popular. Photo: Pål Mørk.

As everybody knows, «the sun always shines in Drøbak». Which means everybody has a fair chance of enjoying life on a summer’s day by the waterfront near Drøbak.

Beaches in Drøbak

Badeparken and Parrstranda
These two beaches are very popular and the most visited beaches for both Drøbak’s own inhabitants and visitors. Very close to the town centre, still a cosy spot for relax.

Torkilstranda is more than just a beach. It provides a good set-off for windsurfing and offers a large area of sloping rocks to the south. Perfect for sunbathing. At Torkilstranda, you will also find a spectacular Art Gallery – Galleri Finsrud.

The big family beach. Shallow and sandy it is very popular for smaller children. There is a large parking area near the beach.

Kommandantens badeplass på Oscarsborg
Oscarsborg Fortress has a lot to offer, not least small beaches for families with small children.

Elleskjær offers sloping rocks and a small, «exclusive» beach in idyllic surroundings.

Sprostranda in the street «Strandveien» is small and idyllic – with a small, green meadow.

«The North Beach» is situated on the way to the Oscarsborg Ferry Crossing at Husvik.